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Photos By Yohann G. & LeeVun S.
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ISLANDPeople Mas "Heroes"
Carnival Tuesday 2012 Part 1

Date: Tuesday 21st February 2012
Port-Of-Spain. Trinidad, W.I.
ISLANDPeople Mas
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D vibes cyar done! That was the mentality in ISLANDpeople Mas come Carnival Tuesday 2012. From the time the band assembled, it was evident that IP Masqueraders know how to have fun and they spent their money to do just that. As usual everryyyybody reach late but I guess that’s expected when yuh want people to reach d band at 6:30am after wining low and pumpin’ flag for the whole Carnival Monday in d hot sun.

Most masqueraders met the band at the top of Abercromby Street... maybe that’s because we were stuck there for about 3 hours, but they did not care once d drinks were flowing and d music was blasting. The sun was hot and d place was humid as hell, but the vibes were ... >> READ MORE

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