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Photos By Anthony E.M.
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TRIBE Mas "Take Me To ..."
Monday 2012 Part 1

Date: Monday 20th February 2012
Location: Port-Of-Spain. Trinidad, W.I.
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TAll the months in the gym and eating bush and water have led up to this moment where all your hard work goes on display for the world to see. Nothing should detract from this incomparable experience and TRIBE goes to great lengths to ensure that your every need is catered to so that your only concerns should be looking bess and having a time. This is why we are TRIBE loyalists.

Year after year we continue to be impressed with TRIBE’s efficiency and innovation when it comes to the bikini mas business and their ability to cater to their masqueraders wants and needs. C2k12 was no different. The high standard of service remained the same on both days with prompt service at the bar trucks and at the lunch stations, tight security, star line up of ... >> READ MORE

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