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Photos by Lee Quest Productions
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Palm Beach Carnival 2013
Date: Saturday 15th June 2013
Location: Sunset Cove Amphitheater. Boca Raton, FL
Promotions: PBMOI, Caribbean Heritage, Lavish Nightlife & Slimline Ent.

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So I had to race up to Boca Raton for the 6th Annual West Palm Beach Carnival, now dubbed "Palm Beach Carnival", as I was way behind schedule. After dropping the tail gate on my truck, I hit that gas peddle hard, without mercy.

Arriving at the carnival (with no citations), the place was not as populated as I would have expected at this time. But I got word that the parade was running more than 3 hours after the start time... lucky me right??!! Needless to say, I got myself together, sorted all my camera lenses out and placed my media pass around my neck... I was ready for d' road! >> READ MORE

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