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Photos by Andre Choo Quan
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Grand Kadooment Day 2014 Part 2
Date: Monday 4th August 2014
Location: Warrens to Spring Gardens. Barbados, W.I.
National Cultural Foundation (NCF)
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I Come Out To Win... Win... Win! It was "Mega Monday" with our good friends Baje International who never fail to bring the vibe and sexy revellers. Besides top notch DJs, Baje always manage to surprise their masqueraders with live entertainment from some of the big name artists for the season. Before flashing through most of the Kadooment bands, it was Blue Box Cart that "Seaduced" our cameras. And oh, that Snow Cone Cart crew with all the hot women in T&T Fantasy 2014 costumes #dataintnoneofmybusiness

From a section in Zulu last year to a full blown band this year, Krave The Band made a statement Kadooment Day and took ... >> READ MORE

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