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Photos by Robert Manella / Ocean Style Magazine
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RESERVEDnyc - Chefs of the Caribbean
Date: Thursday 7th August 2014
Location: Midtown Loft & Terrace. New York, NY
Ocean Style Magazine
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Celebrities, politicians, musicians, business executives, fashionistas and many more were all drawn together last Thursday to a beautiful Fifth Avenue loft and penthouse in New York City to experience RESERVEDnyc - Chefs of the Caribbean. Only the third installment of the OCEAN Style culinary series (and second in New York), RESERVEDnyc brought together an interesting mix of Caribbean and non-Caribbean people living in the NYC area albeit with a shared interest in the culinary arts.

Reggae superstar Maxi Priest was one of the notables on hand and had this to say about the ... >> READ MORE

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