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Escape into FAM (Fashion. Art. Music)
Friday 5th December 2014
Location: Club Zen. Port of Spain, Trinidad
Promotions: Into The Red Limited / Vital Vine Marketing & Events Ltd.
Photography: Cass S.

ESCAPE INTO F.A.M. (Fashion. Art. Music) is a production series which is the flagship of a long-awaited fusion within the local creative sector. This first season will be held in Zen and will act as a platform for local Fashion Designers, Artists & Musicians to showcase their talent/ work whilst putting Trinidad & Tobago’s creative culture on full display. The launch themed, “Melting Pot” will not just be the opening of a series but also of the minds of our people. Music, art, fashion and film are an integral part to this inventive new cultural lounge. Escape into F.A.M is sure to be an impressive addition to Port of Spain’s cultural ecosystem during the festive Christmas and Carnival seasons with each production showcasing a different local theme like “Trini Christmas,” “Local Folklore” and even “Old Mas vs New Mas.”

ESCAPE INTO FAM continues December 12th 19th 2014 & January 9th 16th 23rd 30th 2015, 7:00pm. Finale is February 6, 2015, 7:00pm. More information about the Launch can be found at by searching “ESCAPE into F.A.M.” on FB

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