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Dickie's Lupus Fundraiser 2015

Photos » Concerts & Special Events » 2015 » Trinidad & Tobago » Dickie's Lupus Fundraiser 2015

Dickie's Lupus Fundraiser 2015
Date: Saturday 9th May 2015
Location: Space Car Park. La Romain, Trinidad
Promotions: Dickie's Charity Drive
Photography: Christoph S. + Avinash B.


World Lupus Day has been recognized this year on May 10th. By partnering with the Voice of Lupus Organization, Dickie's Charity Drive in an effort to raise awareness of this autoimmune disease in South Trinidad, hosted a "Zumba" event called ‘POP’ (Put on Purple) at Space La Nouba Carpark on May 9th, 2015. Not only did this event increase awareness, but it also raised funds that solely goes towards the benefit of those with this illness, who are not fortunate enough to afford treatment. The event was targeted at encouraging persons to live healthier lifestyles and during this session there were short talks on Lupus to help educate persons who may have not even been aware of this disease.