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Socalicious (Holland)

July 30th, 2010

Short...Too Short... Sweet... Seductive... Maybe?!

Rotterdam Summer Carnival has been sort of a tradition and a well known Carnival of Cultures in Europe and is still getting bigger and well known as the years go by.

ARRIVING DAY: The Carnival itself is really one day - A Street Parade but I strongly recommend you arrive in Holland on the Friday. If you are a true Carnival chaser it is all about the weekend extravagance i.e. land on the Friday, party the Friday, parade your backside on the Saturday, attend the afterparty the Saturday night then hop on a plane back out the Sunday. That is the routine for true Soca lovers ... Nothing else!

WHERE TO STAY: Well obviousily you want to stay in Rotterdam! Which part of Rotterdam you may ask? You need to be staying close to the heart of the action ... I trust D-One to find the best location for me to stay and well he did - just five (5) minutes walk from the meeting and ending point of the parade! Well done D! I recommend the Euro Hotel ... honestly, a three star hotel right in the centre of the action. Decent bedrooms and showers - you even get room service and you get breakfast buffet!

WHICH PARTIES TO ATTEND: Now as the title of this little tale ... short ... too short! As I said, you land on the Friday and you have to must to bound to attend the party held by TriniConnections & Soca Lyon ... my only issue with that is why the hell the party have to be in Amsterdam? Eh? Ah mean really that is a serious drive from Rotterdam to Amsterdam ... I had time fall asleep twice in the car man ... not easy! But anyway ... you must attend this party - this year it was entitled Socalicious and it was a masquerade party which took me by surprise ... maybe an eyes wide shut kind of theme they were aiming for ... all good! Parties do finish at 4:00 am though ... so that will get a big BOO ... but it was definitely worth it ... it is not like Berlin & Trinidad when parties finishing all 6:00am and sun creeping out normal normal!!!

Saturday is the main parade ... the big hoo-rah ... the chance to put on your jersey (fun mas) or even your sexy body costume ... and run on the road and wine on anybody! If you want to hear Soca - you have to come with TriniConnections ... nobody else ... There are no words that could explain really and truely ... you know what ... next year ... TJJ will be filming this ... and we going to make films!!!! LOL

After the parade as always, there must be the complete Rotterdam Carnival Afterparty - a carnival must always have an afterparty and this one was no different! It was the last chance you would have to go and enjoy yourself ... the last chance to hear soca in a party until the next carnival ...

Rotterdam Carnival as you know clashes big time with Caribana and Crop Over in Toronto (Canada) & Barbados respectively. As always, TJJ has teams deployed all over the globe and that coverage will sure to be there as well. Stand by.

So there's Rotterdam Carnival 2010 Coverage courtesy Scorn ...

I will like to thank the following people for the great time and all the fun and good times:

  • D-One Jam Masters, DJ Tate, Diesel, K-Marvel, Hendrik, Smokey Joe, God Fatha Sound & Bliss for pumping all the soca tunes from your DJ cases;
  • TriniConnections & PoisonUK for providing us with the costumes and fun mas t-shirts - Joyce, Kwame, Wendel, Saliane, Sassy-Dee ... Large Up!!!
  • Wukkup Terrorists - Sarah, Terris, Lenita, Alina, Clara & Marlene .... love y'll to bits ... keep the entertainment rolling ... Michael & Michaela ... wave that flag all the time ... and all the London posse that made it across ... the list too long! Thanks for the Memories!

D1 & Scorn Juice

Scorn Juice
... worth the bitter after taste

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