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Socalicious (Holland)

Jul 29th, 2011
TriniConnections 2011 (Holland)
TriniConnections 2011

Jul 30th, 2011
Zomer Carnival Extras (Holland)
Zomer Carnival Extras

Jul 30th, 2011

Make That Thing Just Wiggle Wiggle, Left And Right Just Make It Jiggle, Laugh Out!

Rotterdam Summer Carnival as always and will always be a tradition for us carnival chasers at TJJ since our inception and we have been very present in Rotterdam since 2006. We continue to attend this short but sweet Carnival Festival every year and as we noticed last year it is getting bigger and bigger. This year it was a one man show (as always in Rotterdam) and with a festival so short and exotic, I shall keep this short (well not entirely) and exotic as well.

The usual routine for Rotterdam Summer Carnival still applies - it is held over the last weekend in July - this year being 29th to 31st ... Friday to Sunday. Arrive the Friday, attend the pre-party-warm-up session
Socalicious which unfortunately is still held in Amsterdam and not in Rotterdam ... continues to be its downfall ... but that is where it is ... if you do not want to attend ... your loss ... and let me not get started on the paying to urinate story at that club in Amsterdam ... what's it called? Roses? Pssshhhh!!!!!

Saturday is the day where we are completely devoured by our costumes. The day has arrived. You put on that pretty mas, or your colourful jersey, you gather up your posse, you put on your make up, you attach the beads onto your face for style, you apply the glitter with the moisterising applicant, you ensure at all times you know where you are ... and here we go!
Rotterdam Street Parade continues to not only excite the colourful mind and erotic nerves and sensations but also creates a splendid feeling of euphoria as it spreads itself through your body. Masqueraders who were present will even experience the recreation of that euphoria as they just read that line ...

Now Zomer Carnival is a festival of all cultures and bearing that in mind - you will then experience all different sorts of mas bands. However, if you are a Carnival Person from the Caribbean you will know that the mas band with the most vibes and all the soca energy (Don't feel the enery, live the energy ... as My Political Representative would say) ... is
TriniConnections. I swear after Zomer 2010, I told myself, I am filming 2011 ... I am so disappointed I didn't.

Last year there was an After Party which completed the whole weekend for Zomer Carnival 2011 - however, this year, the After Party was somewhere in negative space - and to be honest, I was too tired and spent from the previous events that the After Party could remain in negative space.

SO!! There you have it folks ... some could say the a rival for the best two days of their lives, some would say it was a great way to spend a weekend!

Scorn DO's for Rotterdam Summer Carnival

  1. Always pack different types of clothes weather wise, you never know what a summer in Europe will be like ... can someone say Unpredictable;
  2. If you looking for a Soca mas band in Zomer - TriniConnections; and
  3. Wear comfortable clothing including shoes that you can throw away after this weekend's debauchery because I can guarantee you that you will end up partaking in immoral acts of gyration.

Scorn DON'Ts for Rotterdam Summer Carnival

  1. Do not fall out with your friends on a foreign ground;
  2. If a female tells you that you are aggressive then its probably a bad thing ...; and
  3. Do not take off your clothes during a carnival parade and honestly think you will be able to keep it until the end and then when you are asked where it is, you do not remember ...

Weekend survived ... off to the Red Light District ...

  • Masha, Saira, Clare & Yentje thank you for your hospitality and definitely felt like a family vibes.
  • Dave & Veronica thank you for the entertainment.
  • Terris, Clara, Juju, Anna, Jab Jab Posse (please come Notting Hill), Michael and the German crew - was great to see you for the year, see you for Notting Hill hoperfully.
  • Kwame & Joyce ... love you guys loads ... keep it up ... have to start coming to Trini Connections parties now in Amsterdam.
  • All my Holland family, Marlous, Randy, Marcia, and new family members, Zoe, Lisette, & Yuna ... welcome to Scorn's family tree.
  • My London posse (too long) that made it across - good times - lets top it in Notting Hill!

Scorn Juice

As always I will be here next year ... Cannot wait to re-live it again!

Scorn Juice
... why you doing that?? you getting on real slack!! pushing back hard on it!! ...

Scorn's Rotterdam Carnival 2011 Disclaimer: The pictures you see here are of people living with a special and unique mental condition called Wild Intense Nympho Euphoria (WINE). The symptoms of W.I.N.E. involves wearing erotic and seductive costumes, wearing masks to cover faces, consuming large amounts of alcohol, gyrating on other human beings while music soars through your heads and utilising the road and any other object not for their intended use but for a prop while physically grinding up on another human being. Unfortunately for these people, there is no said cure to W.I.N.E. at this time!!! If after observing this condition and you feel the compelling need to help W.I.N.E. sufferers please attend any and all caribbean affiliated carnivals all over the world and that way you can provide your waistline for constant and thorough experimentation to help cure this unique mental condition called W.I.N.E. However, if you are only capable of moving your waistline from side to side and not in a perfect circular motion, please consult your Primary School Mathematics Teacher for further guidance and ways you can help.

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