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Jab Jab Fete/J'Ouvert (St. Lucia)
Jab Jab Fete/J'Ouvert

July 15th, 2012
St. Lucia Carnival 2011 Extras (St. Lucia)
St. Lucia Carnival 2012 Extras

July 13th-18th, 2012

WELCOME TO MY LAND OF ... Fete, Fun, Froooooooooooooliiiiiiiiiiiiiic!!!!! [insert your own adjective here]

I must admit I was a bit daunted when I realized I would be the only TJJ rep here... being a rookie n' all. I just had to give it the old college try I guess. Landed - safely. Car - automatic. Hotel - clean and safe. Post flight nap - not happening. And then the fun started... Franky Fyah of the German soca sound system Soca Twins was staying in the same hotel so that worked out splendidly for liming... **ahem ahem ** ah mean working (working Daddy Juice, I really was working!) Barrie Hype made the call and pick up was 9pm. I must note though... when Barrie Hype say 9pm he reaaaaaaaallly means 8:30pm. HEELLLOOOOOoooo! Talk about "to be early is to be on time!"

Friday night was "Outrageous Sexy in Black" as Gaiety Park. When we got there it was early and kinda scant and in meeting and chatting with folks there was talk of perhaps the Panorama may constrain the numbers coming out. What a needless worry. In no time at all the place was ram. VIP - people. General - people. Music - plenty. And the question of the night was "Where is Maugee?"

Saturday was Power Soca Monarch and somehow TJJ ended up on Teddyson 'TJ' John's bus, with a police escort to the venue. There is nothing like over taking lines of traffic nah. TJ won the Groovy Soca Monarch a couple days earlier with a real sweet song. Boy it catchy and de lyrics were written for meeeee! "This is the season, don't need a reason to make an excuse for a wine!" ..."Once I give you the sign push back and wine up on meh!!!!!" ..."res' it on meh and I go hold iiiit!!" *oh goooooooooooorm boy! Wait! Wait! De camera go fallll!*

Rain started to drizzle at some point during the competition but when Superman aka Mr Pringles stepped on stage it started to POUR. And as soon as he stepped off - rain done! Go figure. Rain must really be a blessing though cuz he won! He born to mash up yes... and really can't help it, he giving trouble - just ask him WHY they call him Mr. Pringles *shaking my head - and that is side to side, not up and down!* smile

Straight from Soca Monarch was Red Unlimited and St. Lucia's first Carnival Breakfast Party on Sunday morning. Good food, live bands, plenty drinks and fine company. I must note there was an endless stream of this good food. Where is that chef? I want him at my b'day lime! There was some drizzle (for the folks who like the water crew at vale!), some acrobatics (Andra, how your husband have all this energy? I happy fuh yuh *wink wink* ) and even when the sun was too hot for the dance floor, Red folks improvised and the tent saved the day. I thoroughly enjoyed this one!!!! This event is going to blow up. BIG.

Without enough rest I made it to Jab Jab on Sunday night. Whereas the party at Gaiety Park on Friday was outdoors, this party was indoors and the place was hot. As the door open was hot air... all the gyrating does really generate some steam. And there was lots of gyrating. Music was on point - shout out to the DJs and to TJ who made a guest appearance. All too soon this party ended and was to town I go with my girl Marissa and the Just 4 Fun Crew - Jerome, Kenwyn, Drunky, Saucie, Philbert, Quincy for Blue Devils J'ouvert. It was a relatively quick walkthrough but entertaining as the next chapter was home to change and get ready for Monday Mas.

Unlike Trinidad, Monday is the real day for the mas in St. Lucia. Costumes are on in full and this is the day to make hay. There are actually quite a number of bands, but I ended up spending most of my time with Red Unlimited and Just 4 Fun for the both days. The route to town is less than Trini but longer than Cayman - so for me Perfect! The vibes on the road was bess. Fun lovers to the max! It's been quite a while since I've seen a man with a posie drinking rum! and there were TWO!!!! The Lucian music was on point - revellers were lapping it up full blast and quite deservedly Soca Psycho won Road March! Gallop! Gallop! Gallop! Keeck up! keeck up! keeck up! Giddee up! Giddee up! Giddee up!!

Without a doubt I will be back and with extra days to do some sight seeing - St. Lucia is gorgeous, and that helicopter tour I heard is a must!

BIG, HUGE thanks to Barrie Hype!! Andra (it was great to see ya again chica!), Krystal, Tova and the Red Unlimited posse big up! Just 4 Fun Crew - you guys are great!

Shout out also to the masseur at the Rex St. Lucian - Spencer you kept me going! Marissssaaaa!

We Love Carnival ... We Know Carnival ... WE ARE CARNIVAL!

St. Lucia Carnival 2012

Roopie.... over but never out!

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