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Aquaval (St. Lucia)
Aquaval Cruise

Jul 13th, 2013

Saint Lucia Carnival... the Sweetest Small Island Carnival!

Gettting bigger and better every year Saint Lucia carnival is always spicing things up and this year was no different! The festivities started with Teddyson John our Groovy Soca specialist launching his 'Love, Passion, Music' album at Gaiety on Rodney Bay. Though this was an "unofficial" launch of the carnival season, Teddyson got everyone into the carnival vibe with his sweet soca music and had me instantly calling my Baca (my Lucian carnival crew).

Next up is "Color me RED", with Machel Montano and the HD crew (one of my favorite events for the season)... I mean what is carnival without Machel??!! All dressed in our sexy RED outfits we headed to Beasejour Stadium for the event. I must say, this was one of the best organized events for the season… plenty parking, no long lines or back up going through security... zero vibe killah! As we entered the VIP section first stop was de bar. In the VIP section de party is All Inclusive... a little pricy at EC$230 but worth it! With 3 bar areas, there was definitely no fight up for a drink… Grey Goose included, and plenty space to wine up in a circle! Onto the show... now I must say Machel and the HD family definitely put on a show to remember.. Machel, Patrice and HD crew surely fogged up de place!! Jumping and waving for hours, I was in pure carnival heaven! Digicel.. RED Unlimited... we callin' on yuh to bring them back next year.

With a much needed day of rest after Color me RED my Baca and I set off for Bunji and Fay Ann... and ohh yes, the Frenchies and I were "Sexy In Black"! Parking for this event as always was unorganized but once we made it to the gate security was quick and easy. Off to the VIP lounge we go! This is my first year doing VIP as usually I'm a regular, but I wanted to see what all the hype was about. And I must say I was a bit disappointed… the grounds were not covered (so ladies if you wear ur heels... you gonna be stickin in gravel!).. and the food.. well... not much to talk about. At least the drinks were flowing (though I was expecting a bit of top shelf liquor for a VIP lounge... none was available). Onto the show. With Super Blue opening for Bunji and Fay Ann... I'll admit it, I ONLY wanted to hear "Fantastic Friday", but we were graced with a few other hits... that dragged the show on a bit. Next up was Bunji and Fay Ann….. Soca's royal couple! We ready.. we ready.. we ready!! With the biggest crowd Sexy and Black had ever seen, the two sang their hits from 2013 and prior. I must say though, the vibe and the hype of the crowd did not compare to Machel at Color me RED but everyone still had a great time.

Now... no carnival is complete without a boat ride! Saturday morning everyone boarded Party Hack for the annual "Aquaval" carnival boat ride. A great experience for everyone as always! This boat ride is All Inclusive, and takes you on a scenic ride down the beautiful coast of SLU from morning till the sun goes down.

All I can say for the next event is .... WOW. Now I'm not a breakfast party person, BUT "RED Dawn" put on by RED Unlimited and Exotic Events was unbelievable. And guess what... de party All Inclusive!!! Reaching at 7am I thought to myself, "What am I doing here so early in the AM… drinking…. again…" but little did I know by 9am the party would be swinging. With plenty bars, including my favorite Grey Goose bar, there was PLENTY top shelf liquor to go round... with lots of friendly bartenders.. getting a drink was real easy!! As if the party wasn't wild enough alread, Miss Z also turned up the bacchanal with her constant flow of Patron shots at every turn... there was no escaping her! DJ Private Ryan, Top Klas & Crown Prince set the place on fire spinning the hottest soca tracks... leading up to performances from Teddyson John and SVG's very own Skinny Fabulous invigorating the crowd. I never seen so many people jumpin and waving in de hot sun on a Sunday morning in SLU… the vibe was out of this world! (Which probably explains how I broke my shoes and was barefoot for the remainder of the day). Hats off to the promoters for this great event... you WILL be seeing me and my baca next year! Those who missed this... missed out!!

Now for the main event. Welcome to Saint Lucia Carnival... Welcome to Saint Lucia Bacchanal! We ready for the Mas Attack! This year as always I played with RED Unlimited, but was now a section leader in Island Fantasy's private section named "RED Affair"… bringing a whole new experience to SLU Carnival! Now in SLU, Monday is the big day where you wear your full costume for the judges. Tuesday... well... yuh just wear what you have left! smile Starting the carnival at 10am Island Fantasy joined RED Unlimited on the road, spinning not only the hottest Lucian soca but Trini soca… yes I said it... the hottest Trini soca (something not done in SLU) with DJ Crown Prince, Top Klas, Jayden & Private Ryan. Revelers also enjoyed a full day of top shelf drinks including Grey Goose, Hennesy, and Dewers… and by the time we reach town the section was mash up! With all those drinks flowing…. many revelers seemed to be in slow motion crossing the stage (stage... what stage? Seemed to be their reaction) .. but hey, they drinking their rum and they happy!!! By the time we left town and headed up the highway we began to have a few casualties… good thing Island Fantasy had the carnival lounge above the bar for those who couldn't make it any further. As we continued down the road the jump up never seemed to end... we jus kept going and going.. and while other bands stopped... we did a round trip back to the starting point. I must say, best route we've done for SLU carnival... great job RED Unlimited!

As I woke up for Tuesday it hit me... carnival almost done! Nooo... all I need is jus one extra hour and one extra day!!! And in SLU carnival... Tuesday isn't even a full day of jump up... the parade starts at 12pm (as this is a half day not a holiday). With a bit of a late start and late arrivers the section finally started filling up and the vibe once again was born. The top shelf drinks were flowing all day... with revelers preparing for their round trip (we shall make it today!) As we went thru town I never thought we would be jumping through the streets of Castries to dance/house music singing "I don't care... I LOVE IT!" ... this definitely raised a few eyebrows and caused a few jaws to drop from the onlookers.. People were just confused thinking, "Who are these people jumping up and fist pumping in the middle of carnival??" Well that's the Island Fantasy crew bringing a different SLU carnival experience! The party and the vibes just kept going until the end... with great music from our resident DJs and tight security... we didn't stop till de end!

As the truck drove off... we all just stopped... and realized... yep... IT'S OVER.. but what an amazing experience that was! Island Fantasy definitely put on a show this year! 2014? I think so!!

We Love Carnival ... We Know Carnival ... WE ARE CARNIVAL!

St. Lucia Carnival 2013

Mistel 'Glo Ko Ko Juice'
and the TJJ Lucian Carnival 2013 Team -- Frenchie and Daddy Juice

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