5 Minutes With Tanya StephensWait a minute... you mean to tell me that Inner Circle, Bounty Killer, Mavado, Serani and my favourite female reggae artist, Tanya Stephens, are all sharing the same stage at the 5th Annual Reggae Festival in Greensboro, NC? Lucky me! I believe that I got the pick of the litter by having the opportunity to interview the "Infallible Gangsta" herself. Believe me when I tell you, Tanya Stephens is one of the most down to earth reggae artists in the business. With smiles in abundance and an obvious love for the people, Tanya sat down with me after her fantastic performance to talk with TJJ. And just to tell you the strength of this woman, imagine about 20 guys trying to heckle her and rather than succumb to it, she start back to heckle them... and did it with love! I must say, it was my pleasure to have this opportunity interview Tanya .... just for me.... (oops, sorry).... just for you!

JoyJuice: What do you miss the most when you are on the road?
Tanya Stephens: I miss my kids the most. I actually miss being away from home so as soon as stuff is finished, I try to go back home.

JoyJuice: What's there to go home to?
Tanya Stephens: Besides my kids, I have a bar and restaurant called H20 Tanya Stephens. I always in there. Not in the kitchen though... the bar part!

JoyJuice: Now we know you have many songs.... any favorite?
Tanya Stephens: No man, I can't pick one. I put the same love in all of them.

JoyJuice: Tell me this, who may be the best person, if there is one, for you to perform with?
Tanya Stephens: Yuh really want to know? (with a smile on her face)
JoyJuice: Yeah man.... who?
Tanya Stephens: With Tanya Stephens.... she really really good (she laughs)
JoyJuice: Well, I can see why.
Tanya Stephens: Well, maybe Smokey Robinson ... I just love him!

JoyJuice: As far as food, what's your favorite?
Tanya Stephens: Ahh... Curry Chicken Back and Dumplings.
JoyJuice: How yuh sound like yuh tasting it so?
Tanya Stephens: Yeah, just a bit!

JoyJuice: Now you just finished performing, and I'm sure you have ah bundle of paper in that pocket??!!
Tanya Stephens: (laughing loudly) Nah man, only this measly Quarter!

JoyJuice: Tanya, tell me something people don't know about Tanya.
Tanya Stephens: People don't know that I don't want them to know about Tanya! (she laughs)
JoyJuice: When did you make your breakthrough in the Reggae industry, and was it easy?
Tanya Stephens: I don't feel like I made any one significant breakthrough. It's been a series of hurdles. It began sometime around 1990 and it's still going on today.
JoyJuice: Who at the time, if any, was your biggest competition?
Tanya Stephens: My biggest competition is and always has been me. My only objective where competition is concerned is to outdo myself.

JoyJuice: I love your album "Rebelution", do you have any other albums coming out soon?
Tanya Stephens: "Infallible", out in a couple of months.

JoyJuice: Nice, I looking out for that for sure. By the way, what was the inspiration behind "Gangsta Blues"?
Tanya Stephens: Life is very inspirational. I like to observe everything around me, especially people and the way they interact with each other.

JoyJuice: Now yuh see how them fellas was on your case (bothering you). Do you get that alot?
Tanya Stephens: I didn't feel bothered. That kind of bantering helps to sharpen my wits!

JoyJuice: Any last remarks for me or for the Tanya fans?
Tanya Stephens: Thanks for all the support I've been given all these years. I know nobody is obligated to like my stuff so I'm very grateful that people do.

Well People, that's Tanya for ME.... (oops, again).... I meant to say, that's Tanya for YOU!! Be sure to look out & pick of a copy of her new album "Infallible" when it's released.

As always,
JoyJuice ... out and about!