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The place was not slammed packed but a good size crowd was there. Everyone enjoyed themselves to the limit. As always, it's nice to see everyone dressed up to the 9's for New Year's Eve. 

The undisclosed venue was the luxurious Bank Of America International Tower, Downtown Miami (the same venue we actually visted for Vale Vibe Miami back in October for Miami Carnival'09).  Great location, ambiance was fantastic, size and layout was on point. The bar was a bit far, but there were no complaints, especially since they had drinks flowing like water.

The vibes was good. The DJs did well. A little less than perfect, but they held it down. 

The drinks were on point, but I couldn't understand the missing food. They had soup though! J

The service was good throughout the night. Lines were never too long and dealing with the staff was a pleasant experience. For those lucky enough to experience VIP, you were very well accommodated for.

Value might be questionable as there was the absence of food, however they made up for that in other areas.

Overall, Thumbs up!

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>> View Jewel Miami - New Years Eve 2009 Gallery