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Much love to Sugarcane Restaurant for wonderful events for 2009, and kicking off 2010 with a Sparkle and promise, for a bigger and better year!

Sparkle brought out a crowd that dazzled, starting out their New Year the best way possible, at Sugarcane Restaurant's 7th Annual New Years Breakfast Ball. The sexy, stylish and one of a kind breakfast fete that kicked off 2010. Studio Loft was the fullest we've ever seen it, with glamorous gals and dapper dudes pouring in for the after ringing in the New Year.

We arrived early for this event, therefore parking was not the usual pain. There was that 4am winter chill in the air, but that did not stop anyone from continuing their lime. Studio Loft is usually large enough to accommodate the crowd, but this time the space was packed, and people continued to come in 8 and 9 am!

The vibe tonight was unbelievable. The usual DJs but they definitely brought it for the new year, with an extra umph. Back2Basics has to get a major shout out because he spun some tunes that made the partygoers lose their minds! We believe that was one of the best sets we've seen him do. These people sure do know how to party though. There was too much energy in the room. I could barely walk around without getting knocked over by people jumping up and feeling the vibe. Sparkle was the party to be at, and it seems like all roads led there, by the wonderful turn out.

We were well fed by the abundance of food that was waiting for us upstairs of the venue. It was breakfast and much more! Bake, saltfish, fry fish, chicken, sweet bread, cassava, channa, "poulourie with bush in it" (lol), hot tea, and much more. Sugarcane took care of their guest as usual. The bar offered premium drinks but there was another bar set up towards the back serving up Martini's and champaign Mimosa's.

Getting inside was not a big hassle with security, neither was ticket collection. Food distribution moved smoothly with the buffet style arrangement, and the ladies working with the food were sweet!  We enjoyed chattin it up with them a bit!

$40 in advance was well worth the ticket price. A glamourous experience featuring nice vibes and an exotic holiday breakfast menu compliments of Sugarcane . . . cant go wrong!

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>> View Sparkle ... The Breakfast Ball Gallery