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Amnesia is usually the first major All Inclusive fete for TJJ and this year Daddy Juice, D' Local Juice, Cass and D' Young Juice was on the inside. Watch this space for TJJ TV coverage.  ISLANDpeople... keep up the great work in providing quality entertainment for us year round. We looking forward to your other signature Carnival events - Girl Power, Dawn & Insomnia!

If it's one thing you're almost certain to see at any ISLANDpeople event is seXy women (yes, some serious breakneck smallies too), and yes fellas... we see allya. The level of style & fashion over the past few years has definitely stepped up in TnT, where folks not only rocking foreign brands, but also showcasing fancy threads of our very own local designers.

Boi oh boi... ISLANDpeople surely knows how to construct/enhance/beautify a venue to provide the perfect aura. Pier 1 was truly transformed into 'Spectrum - The Color Principle'. Food stations were mainly placed together, but the bars were pretty much accessible through out the venue - we love it when drinks are less than 10 feet away! If you had the connections (and got there early) Pier 1 parking lot was the 1st option, but Pier 2 lot was open to the general public and facilated everyone with easy access to the fete via the parking lot.

This is going to be a very interesting Carnival with both Machel and Destra sitting it out. In a nutshell, I went to this fete with a brand new pair of shoes and upon inspection when arriving home, it was still clean ... are we looking at a Carnival crisis? Although the number of party-goers wasn't as large as past years, the venue was set up to accommodate everyone, yet keeping things as intimate as possible. The main live entertainment line up was The HD Family, Bunji & Fay-Ann with The Asylum Band (not with 1 but with 2 drummers!!) and KES The Band with Nadia Batson (performing in that order) - yes, HD (minus Machel) didn't close the show!

All bands give great performances, and it was actually nice to see guest artists perform with the live bands as opposed to DJ tracks. It felt like the days when Bunji used to run on the stage and mash a fete in 5 minutes and leave. But this time around, it was Grenada's Tallpree (remember him... old woman we taking home!) that got the most forwards with 2009 hit "Wicked Jab". Patch and Denise "Saucy Wow" Belfon also did some damage with their "Pipe (Remix)" before Bunji & Fay-ann contined the riding the Gutter Riddim wave with their 2010 contributions ("Mad Carnival" and "Ah Something" respectively). Oh yes... Saucy, all de pipe is yours!! Yuh WIN ... for years & years to come!! But, controlling the Carnival scene so far is JW and Blaze (with "Palance") and Shal Marshall & Screws (with "Police") ... with heavy talk that "Palance" could very well run away with the Road March title for 2010!

The energy we witnessed in 2007 (see clip - http://www.trinijunglejuice.com/tjjtv/amnesia-2007/light-it-up-machel-montano-hd-video_cbb84c510.html) and 2009 when Mr. HD graced the stage was definitely missing this year. For many, Carnival is not Carnival without Machel Montano, but the show must go on ... and that it did!

"Hot Pot Doubles" definitely stood out for me. It was my 1st time trying a "Curry Goat" and "Gerra Pork" doubles.... and the combination WIN! Hot doubles with goat or chicken ... and better yet, sexy ladies serving it ... you cannot go wrong! I wonder if this is a everyday job for them, because I would surely buy on a regular. On the menu was Mexican, Creole and East Indian cusine ... All-you-can-eat! And then you had your Gourmet tastings. When a Trini Chinee (who is also the owner of one of Trinidad's premier nightclubs ... but we ent calling no names... lol) say the "curry" went down good, you the food was on point!

From The Brewery House to your Ultra-premium bars, drinks were flowing throughout the venue until midnight. The good folks of "Arrive Alive" were on the inside giving free breathalyzer tests - yes, better safe than sorry! Be careful folks, police in the session and they looking to arrest man!!

Service was top notch from start to finish. Food lines kept flowing, and drinks never took more than a minute to get. And from what we saw, food and drinks actually made it's way to patrons as well. So it was a combination of last year's "New Inclusive" with the regular "All Inclusive" concept.

$595TT without Machel was considered a little steep by some, but the ambiance, good company, entertainment, food & drinks was worth it. Now, here's a suggestion (for all promoters actually) ... How about a "Designated Driver" special price? Because it's unfair for someone to have to pay full price for an All Inclusive knowing very well that they would not be drinking, especially when having to look at other party-goers full-joy themselves!

Killing time as the traffic heads out of Chaguaramas,
Chooks aka Daddy Juice
(D' Young Juice contributed to this review)

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>> View Amnesia 2010 'Spectrum - The Color Principle' Gallery
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