Junior Juice here with my other half, Text-a-holic Juice, who caught up with Grenadian Soca artist Tallpree for another TJJ exclusive. VICE is always the hottest party in the city on a Thursday night, and their Masquerade event kicked off the Halloween weekend like no other. Tallpree brought some spice to d place, performing his previous hits like "Old Woman Alone", "Jab Jab Crew", and "The Grave", just to name a few. He continued to tear down the place with his new tune, "Wicked Jab" causing all kinds of bad behavior everywhere. We got 5 minutes to sit with Tallpree before he touched the stage.

Ayana: I'm so excited to see you perform! Ok, let's get down to business… Oil down or pelau?
Tallpree: Oil down all de way!

Ayana: Where did the Old Woman dance come from?
Tallpree: Basically from me, but I never knew it would've been so big until I saw the fans doing it.

Ayana: If you could have dinner with one person dead or alive who would it be?
Tallpree: That's a good question... ummm let me get back to you.

Ayana: How did you find your signature sound?
Tallpree: I found it from Dancehall. If you listen carefully it kind of sounds like Dancehall.

Ayana: What is your favorite memory of performing?
Tallpree: (he laughs) Having Sean Paul walk off stage after we had a sound for sound shoot out.
Ayana: Wow, you not easy!

Ayana: What did you want to be when you grew up?
Tallpree: A chef because cooking is one of my hobbies.
Ayana: Ladies, take note!

Ayana: What are you jamming to right now?
Tallpree:"Wicked Jab" of course!

Ayana: What is something your fans might not know about you?
Tallpree: That I'm 10 times more humble than what they see on stage.

Ayana: I hear Grenada has the best jab jab is that true, and why?
Tallpree: It's definitely true! I've never seen a J'ouvert like ours, it's bananas!

And just like that, Tallpree was called on stage and had to go. Looks like he forgot to get back to me with the question about dinner with someone dead or alive but something tells me that the next time we meet up I'll add an extra minute to the 5 to make this complete. Ah going an play a wicked jab now in VICE. To be continued...

Doin' the Old Woman dance,
Text-a-holic Juice out!