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Crisis and devastation to one of our neighboring Caribbean islands brought members of our community together for a good cause. The catastrophe of the recent earthquakes in Haiti, has left the Haitian people in desperate need of help, aid, and salvation. The world has thus far proven that they will not turn a blind eye to people in need.

Natalie and the guys of ShorBlu came together to organize "Haiti I'm Sorry" in a matter of days following the tragic earthquakes. This nicely attended event brought a crowd of familiar faces to the lovely, spacious Kai Studio, ready to donate and party for a good cause. The admission to this event was anything that you could afford to give. Money, clothes, food and other supplies were collected at the door. With your donation you received a cute little Haitian flag pin, which all patrons donned all night as a portrayal of their support. All proceeds from this fundraiser event went directly to organizations that solely help Haiti, such as Yele Haiti and FOKAL.org.

The vibes for the night was set by a line up of DJs. Anonymous, Notorious Inc., Sounds 4 Life, and Freeks 4 Soca, all provided a musical donation.They took it to another level, accepting a donations for every song attendees wanted to request. The night also featured live performances from Kerry d' Drummer and Haitian vocalist Marie Jose, who sang two original songs and shared her heartfelt story about members of her family who are currently missing in Haiti.

The night turned out to be a success raising thousands of dollars due to the generous donations, and a large portion due to the money made at the cash bar. Attendees also received a treat. Tickets were raffled to some of the sold out events during Trinidad Carnival, sponsored by Tribe and the Diamond Vale Breakfast Fete.

Much love to everyone who attended and showed their support. It shows that we can all come together, rely on one another during a time of need, as well as provide hope others during a time of darkness. The effort does not end here. Haiti still needs our help. To give visit www.RedCross.org or Yele.org for more information on how you can help our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

- Reva L. aka Junior Juice . xoxo

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