5 Minutes With Farmer NappyIt was history in the making on July 12th 2008 at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. Machel Montano and Friends performed in front of the first ever sold out Six Flags show (see coverage). 10,000 people filled the arena with flags in hand and smiles on their faces. We caught up with Farmer Nappy amidst all the excitement right before he was going to go onstage for some conversation and a lot of laughs.

Eljon: If you weren't a musician or working in the music industry, what would you be?
Farmer Nappy: That's a really hard question. Mmm, honestly I feel like I would have been a cyclist.
Eljon: Really?
Farmer Nappy: Oh yes, I've always loved biking. When I was a little boy I asked my mom for a bike which was like $10,000 TT at the time and she said no, so I figured I would become a singer! (he laughs)

Eljon: If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
Farmer Nappy: I would definitely be a bird because birds are such free spirited creatures.

Eljon: Since we are in Six Flags, you know I have to ask ... Do you like roller coasters?
*The stage overlooked scream machines, "Medusa" and the new "Dark Knight"
Farmer Nappy: I love them but I wouldn't go on one because in truth I would bawl!
Eljon: You and me both. We'll just stay on the ground where it's nice and safe!

Eljon: Who are you jamming to right now?
Farmer Nappy: Bob Marley all the time, and Nasio Fontaine.

Eljon: Mangos or oranges?
Farmer Nappy: Mangos!

Eljon: Have you ever forgotten your lyrics when on stage?
Farmer Nappy: Yes! When that happens I just break from the song and start talking to the audience. When the lyrics come back to me, then I start singing again.
Eljon: Good strategy!

Eljon: You always have a smile on your face. What's your secret to staying so positive?
Farmer Nappy: Happiness is the secret. At the end of the day, if there is something bothering you, let it out. Get all the negative out, smiling is healthy, that is the key.

Eljon: I hear you tell jokes.
Farmer Nappy: Oh really? (he laughs) Okay, so there was this girl that went to a man's funeral and she was bawling the whole time. Some people went over to console her saying it was ok and that the deceased was in a better place but the truth was she wasn't crying over the man, she was crying because her foot was being squeezed by her shoe!
Eljon: (laughing) That is so wrong!

- Mix Juice