Organisers of the Original Army Fete are saying tickets are going faster than expected. The streets are alive with talk of this fete that has maintained its strength for over two decades. Like good wine, Army Fete gets better with age and as the new faces of soca emerge, so too will Army Fete explode on Friday, February 5th with a new, sleek, up-to- the- time approach, to feting.

VIP patrons are being treated to an amazing experience, with patrons being hosted in close proximity to the stage and a premium beverage list, having already been formatted. The spread of good local food will fancy the thousands who’ll come out, secure parking is also a must and for only $400, nothing on February 5th, will compare!

The cast of soca entertainers are ready for this fete. They too, know that civilians from all walks of life- uptown and downtown, appreciate the safety that this military soca engagement provides and they also know that revelers come out strong, to fete till dawn at the Original Army Fete, each year.

Once again, Army Fete will be held at the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain and unlike the other carnival events that dwell on the stardom of Jamaican superstars, this fete will be all soca- 90% Trini- 10% Caribbean unity!

With ticket sales booming, organisers are truly gearing up for an explosive and dynamic Carnival 2010 feting experience. At the end of it all, they know that fete lovers will remember the Original Army Fete 2010, for the guaranteed safety and the overall thrill it will provide. They also know that for many patrons, Army Fete will be dubbed, the best military fete for the entire soca season!