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The main court yard was now filling up when we first went past the main stage. Making use of the room were the Moko Jumbies dancing, running and even literally walking over our heads! Now the crowd at most all inclusive fetes tend to be more on the mature side, but that doesn't mean to say that folks don't come out dressed up all prim and proper. If you thought otherwise ... ya lie! Think about it, all de who is whose attending and everybody trying to look their very best. Women dressed trendy and sexy, completely accessorised with matching earrings, necklaces, bracelets and even shoes. Can't forget the shoes ... right ladies! The gents were also clad in the latest of fashions, showing that they could make a fashion statement too :-)

Every year this fete is held on the school compound located in upper Port of Spain, so its rather easy to locate. Parking is available on all surrounding streets with ample security patrols visible at all corners in their bright yellow T's. After the sun set, flood lights located at strategic points kept the streets well alight. On the inside now, a main stage was constructed to host the many live performances of the night. At the center of the party was the large main bar with several other smaller bars located around the venue. Also, there were the many promotion booths located around as well, all ready and equip to service the needs of patrons. The majority of food stations were located to the back, and for anyone who needed help or directions, there was a huge map showing the entire layout of the fete (see photo).

The first performance we saw for the night was from the Alternative Quartet. This 4 member group showed us their creativity and skills playing soca selections from their stringed instruments to the crowds' delight. Around eight o' clock Bunji, Fay Ann and The Asylum band (with 2 drummers) graced the stage. Starting the performance off was Mrs. Alvarez who belted out some popular hits like "Ah Something", "Start Wining" and "True Lies". Bunji who soon joined Fay Ann, continued to stir up the crowd with his many 2K10 selections and fast lyrical twang. Vincy's Problem Child even touched the stage to part take in piece of the action. Roy Cape All Stars was the next band carded to hit the stage later that night, but time and our many commitments didn't permit us to stay and enjoy their performance.

The variety of food and drinks was wide and vast. On the menu of eats, some of the items included the infamous Stewed Horse, Roast Suckling Pig, Crab & Dumplin, Roti, Wraps, Bake & Shark, Souse, Geera Pork and well of course, the must have Bake & Shark. In the line of drinks, there was a wine bar, a champagne bar, a cocktails bar, several shots stations, and well of course a couple of general bars where you could get any thing from premium scotch, vodka, rum and beers all the way down to bottled water. Now that's just a list of what we could remember. For the full all inclusive experience, you definitely had to be present.

The level of service was good. Everything was on course and flowing quite smoothly. To achieve that at an event of this magnitude ... well you have got to know what you are doing! No worries here however as the Old Hilarians' committee has been doing this for the past 13 years without failure. Looks like number 14 will be no different!

$650 was the price tag attached to this all inclusive. Some might say that such a price is ranking up there with the other high end all inclusive fetes, but for us its definitely worth it. This is one of the fetes where you're guaranteed to get your money's worth in fun, enjoyment and an overwhelming overall experience.

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