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They brought us "Arabian Nights" last year, and we had a time, so it was a no brainer to return for Fuad Khan & Friends 2010 Premium All Inclusive fete "Hott Vegas Nights". Special thanks to host Krystle Khan for not only ensuring TJJ fully understood what this year's theme was all about, but more importantly, that we had a great time! Click Here to catch TJJ TV coverage. 
Since it's Dr. Fuad Khan & Friends fete, you know one thing for sure... lots of 'BIG SHOTS' in the party! A partner of mine even said, if you hook up with anyone in this fete, your bank book will gain some instant backing! Besides the sexy party-goers, this fete was also filled with HOTT Chippendales & Bunnies, Vegas Showgirls and tantalizing promotional ladies.

We been to Pier 1 several times for the season, and have seen it transformed to appeal to the various themes of each event, so it was no real surprise to see a "Las Vegas" setting tonight using both stage and live props.

We missed both Karma and Soca Elvis (who we heard was dressed up as Elvis) set, but both KES The Band and Imij & Co. made up for that. Kees and Nadia team up well on stage, and this is evident in their 2010 duet "Heaven". And "My Land", which they usually end their performance with, is still doing damage.  As the season rolls along, this band is getting better and better. And the ladies just cannot seem to get enough of Kees.

This was our 1st time seeing Imij & Co. for the season (and we believe it was their 1st big show), so it was a pleasure speaking with them backstage to get up to speed with the band for 2k10. With lots of new, and very promising tracks, together with new addition to band - Junior Don - we're looking forward to seeing more of Imij for the year. "Up In The Air" is a big chune!

On the 1s and 2s was the legendary Howie T "The Hitman", so you know the vibes was sweet in between live sets. Also, the sexy ladies of the #1 Belly dance group in T&T, N9 Dance Company, gave patrons a nice number. You can learn more about them at www.n9dance.com.

Food fuh days!!! Indian, Creole, Chinese, Vegas Style Wraps - WrapWorks Deli, Doubles, Corn Soup, Bake and Shark, Chicken and French Fries, and more.  And it's a Premium All Inclusive, so that means Premium Drinks!!

A pleasant welcome at the front door by Dr. Khan himself, and lines flowed smoothly all night for both food and drinks on the inside. This fete definitely has that warm, loving family environment.

This fete is priced on the higher end of the All Inclusive scale at $700.00TT

"Ah thinking of something, allya feeling crazy or wha?"
Chooks aka Daddy Juice

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>> View Fuad Khan & Friends All Inclusive 'Hott Vegas Nights' Gallery
>> View TJJ TV Hott Vegas Nights Coverage
>> Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2010 Coverage