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Big ups to Lance Smith of Paradox Promotions, nice show.

The crowd started off really shaky, but a lot of people came in by 11 o'clock. The crowd was just the perfect size for the size of the compound. Everyone looked great, but more people should have came ready to get wet.

The compound was really suitable for the fete. Perfect size for the crowd, clean and well laid out. The only thing people complained about was that the water only ran intermittently, should've been always running.

CRANKED! The energy was up by the time Patch and Denise Belfon performed their 2010 hit "PIPE". There was also a surprise appearance from Rikki Jai and his hit "Barman". Other performances by Makamillion and Orlando Octave.

There was free drinks offered, but many were disappointed to see it was only Vodka, Rum, juice and soda for free.The drinks for sale had top notch alcohol though.

Everyone was really friendly and served you right away. There was also a great amount of security which was really appreciated. The only thing needed to be improved was a bigger bar for the free drinks.

Worth every cent. Would pay the $150 for it anyday.

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>> Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2010 Coverage