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Definitely much love goes to 2B Promotions for inviting TJJ along for the experience yet again! And everyone heading out to Trinidad for Carnival. . . have a safe trip and LOOK OUT FOR JUNGLE JUICE ON D ROAD! xoxo

2B Promotions always brings in their crowd of regulars, no matter what the event is, these partygoers always manage to make it out despite how cold it is on the outside. Their definitely loyal. The crowd was not too big, but it was a comfortable atmosphere, with friendly faces. This Carnival send-off party was also a benefit event, raising money for foundations supporting the relief efforts in Haiti.

Radika's is definitely a nice little intimate spot where you could just come an lime on a chilled Saturday night. As soon as you walk in, the fully stocked bar awaits you, with plenty space for dancing towards the back (surprising for a small venue). Parking is usually a breeze, and there is never a problem with traffic. . . which is always a plus.

The 2B family is always welcoming and keeping a nice vibe for their partygoers. Cold Sweat had a nice chilled vibe for a small event. DJ Anonymous played some tunes and maintained some energy in the room, getting everyone a bit more hype for T&T Carnival!

A variety of drinks made its way around the room the entire night. People were never spotted without a drink in hand! The cash bar was well supported, especially with the proceeds going towards a good cause.

Its always a pleasant experience with the 2B family! They show TJJ endless love each and every time and there is never a problem or hassle. Getting inside was a breeze, security was not rude to any of the patrons and the ladies working by the bar were friendly and served up the drinks fast.

Advanced tickets for Cold Sweat were only $15. Definitely worth it for a Saturday night lime.

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