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With another short Carnival season (6 weeks), we ent get a chance to sort matters out with the National Carnival Commission in time for Pan Semi's, so guess what? We back on the Green's!! So if you're looking for photos of the actual steelbands and such, visit www.pantrinbago.co.tt. But, if you're looking for photos of all the sexy people and crews on the Northern Greens who once again made pan the besssss lime for the season... look no further!!
Pan crews galore.... Red Ants, Caesar's Army, Premium Posse, b-Mobile, Carib, Unit Trust, C.I.D.I FC, Insomniacs, ISLANDpeople ... and the list goes on and on. The ladies came out and represent ... short shorts, pum pum shorts, batty ridders, mini skirts and itty-bitty tops ... and the fellas were loving every vision. And ladies, yes we know your gape factor was high too! J

We say each and every year .... THE VIBE OF PAN IS INCOMPARABLE!! And if you're in the right crew (or have the right friends), it's the greatest All Inclusive!! Our TJJ TV crew quickly found out that 99.9% of the folks on the Northern Greens come out for the lime. "Pan... what pan?" .... "Dey have pan playing?" were common responses from the limers as they jammed to the various rhythm sections, DJs and live entertainers through out the greens. And who can blame dem??!!

Hands down, Premium Posse (the folks with a collegian "P" on their tees) had the best food and drinks. And being the folks behind "Eat-It", you know the food was top notch. Their famous stuffed curry crab dumping .... that sweet boil corn (rich with butter and milk) .... the pineapple chow (seasoned perfectly) ... LAWD PUT AH HAND!!

C.I.D.I FC ... thanks for handling us at the end!

North Greens - $300
Paddock Stands - $260
Track - $60

Yes, for Carnival 2010 there's now an admission fee of $60TT & $80TT to enter the "famous track" for both the National Semi Finals and the Finals (Saturday 13 February 2010) respectively. What's your take on this? (Comment below) 


Topping the Large Band category is Petrotrin Phase ll Pan Groove with 277 points. In the Medium category Steel Xplosion leads with 270 points while Laventille Serenaders amassed 267 in the Small band category. The complete list of results is as follows:

Large Bands:

1  Petrotrin Phase 11 Pan Groove  Pan Army 277
2  PCS Silver Stars  Battle Zone 273
3  TCL Group Skiffle Bunch  Pan On Fire 272
4  Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars  Large Is Large 266
5  Solo Harmonites  Smooth Sailing 260
5  WITCO Desperadoes  Musical Magnum 260
5  Caribbean Airlines Invaders  Tell Dem 260
8  NLCB Fonclaire  Rewind 259
9  rbtt Redemption Sound Setters  Pan On Fire 258
10  bp Renegades  Battle Zone 257
11  T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps  Battle Zone 256
12  Sagicor Exodus  Pan in the Mas 255
13  Starlift  Pandemic 254
14  Pamberi  Sweetness 242
14  Our Boys  Something Special 242
16  Petrotrin Siparia Deltones  Pavement 238
17  Birdsong  Vibes of a Mad Man 235

Medium Bands:

1  Steel Xplosion  Radica 270
2  Valley Harps  Battle Zone 269.5
3  NLCB Buccooneers  Surrender 267
4  Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille  Surrender 266
5  Katzenjammers  Lightning Strikes Twice 263
5  Curepe Scherzando  Battle Zone 263
7  Carib Dixieland  Somewhere In Tobago 260
8  Couva Joylanders  Smooth Sailing 257
9  CLICO Sforzata  Wild & Free 254
9  West Side Symphony  Somewhere In Tobago 254
11  Alutrint La Brea Nightingales  Surrender 250.5
12  Tokyo  Vibes of a Mad Man 249
13  Pan Elders  I Come Out To Play 248
14  Arima Angel Harps  Smooth Sailing 247.5

Small Bands:

1  Laventille Serenaders  This Melody Sweet 267
2  Merrytones  Pan War 260
3  Crescendoes Musicale  Pan War 255
4  Golden Hands  Dingolay 253
4  Arima Golden Symphony  Smooth Sailing 253
6  Tamana Pioneers  Pan On Fire 250
7  Tornadoes  Battle Zone 248
8  Panosonic Connection  Pan On Fire 241
9  Fascinators Pan Symphony  I Music 239
9  Codrington Pan Family  Pandemic 239
11  Flamingoes  Battle Zone 232
12  Antillean All Stars  Musical Fire 229
13  Longdenville Claytones  Battle Zone 226
14  TIPICA  Spreading Hands 225

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

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