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Tonight was interesting and from start to finish it was a brilliant night out! TJJ will like to thank Ian for inviting us and having us at Fall Out! Much respect and all the best in the future!!
You always know when Carnival in Trinidad is in FULL SWING - the foreign base crew and crews have arrived and they are in their decked out outfits - their bling bling earings - their fabulous underwear (that they show off or even leave on the dashboard of their car) - the shoes from jimmy choo or even from reebok and of course the primark shoes. Tonight was not a conflicting example of this but infact - a true example of this! We love the foreign base crew and crews! The numbers in this party was not ridiculous but infact it was a comfortable size crowd! Guaranteed shoes would not  be destroyed - not much spills of drinks on people's clothes so hence the crowd was sufficiently ram .... no lines to the bathroom, no long lines to the bar and food stands - superb and just right! There were also some head turners by the door - even behind the bar - and speaking from the female perspective - there were some good looking gentlemen in this party as well!!!

Fall Out was located in Santa Magarita in St. Augustine - located east of the nation's capital! The house itself looked like vintage architecture .... no ... looked like modern architecture with the pool and the "urinating" statue on the pool deck - (pools have rules - no urinating - but if the statue doing it?) - There were basically three levels of the venue - and not much fancy lighting or anything of the sort however just simple and eye pleasing. Now it was outdoors so we are "baking" in the "cool" temperatures of Trinidad .... sweat beads!!!! As it was outdoor - the grass and dirt was not a problem more of a pleasure I think for some people .... no slippage!!!!

As always with most parties the vibe is never there at the beginning or the middle - the vibe and excitement visits the party at the end or in the closing hours. Bearing that in mind, the energy levels in this party were abnormal - it was like an equaliser - up and down, up and down, flat, up and down, up, up, up!!!! Music was supplied by Back To Basics, DJ Spice and Bandit all foreign based posse and they provided the calypso and soca from the years gone by!! There was also Kerry the Drummer mixing his sticks and drums while Ricardo played his tunes on the fruit! The DJs were definitely impressive tonight... they had girls holding onto the speakers and wining what their father and mother gave them, real rudeness! They had people putting their fingers in their mouth lol (we love you T) ... or just general waist pelting and waistline movements ... that is what the vibe is about, that is what you need in a party so... with free flowing drinks and some food and the urinating statue... the general joy, pore raising, & hormone raising excitement was present at Fall Out!

Now since this was an all inclusive - all you had to do was say "can I have ..... please? can you fill up my plate with .... please?" ... All Inclusives Rule!!!!!! There was a vast variety of drinks and food at Fall Out from Vodka, Scotch, Beers, Liqueurs, Shots ... to ... Bake & Shark, Indian Cuisine, Corn Soup, Gyros, Creole Food .... much more that I will spend more minutes to type it out ... think party - think all inclusive - think food - think drinks - they were present! Now .... I am never going to falter a barmaid or barman for putting too much alcohol when mixing drinks ... oh it happened!! The food on the plates were packed on so there was no stingy and holding back behaviour from the servers!

The service was exceptionally great tonight! I did not have to wait long to get drinks - I always got what I wanted - I am not sure if anything finished but I am going to say that the service has been the best that I have ever experienced .... I think it was the tie ...

Now the folks of Fall Out priced this party at TT$ 425.00 or US$ 70.00 - The verdict if you got a bang for you buck is still out for some people but for the folks at TJJ we believe that at that price it was worth it - however - we think that one performance from a well known star would have been the icing on that well layed out dessert!

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

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