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This is the fete that people have on their minds when they are shopping for Carnival, you work out to look good on the road Monday and Tuesday, but you have to shop for a bess outfit for Beach House.  Bright colors and dresses were the order of the day for the ladies and everybody was rocking their favorite pair of sunglasses.  Front to back the venue, lets call it the grand lawn, was packed.  Some say this was the most people they have ever seen at Beach House, it was easy to see somebody once and not run into them again for hours.  Spotted taking in the scene were Dwight Yorke, Lara, Shaka and Kona Hislop.  Even Miami Heat's own Joel Anthony and Jamaal Magloire decided the only All Stars they wanted to see were in Couva.

Couva may not be the most centrally located venue depending on where you were coming from and what time you got on the road you could have a bit of a drive ahead of you.  For the early movers traffic wasnt so bad and parking was easy to find once inside the gates, that also ment you got extra hours of drinking and eating.  The venue spread out over an acre easily, but it didnt feel like that with all the food and drinks tents lining the sides.  Even some specialty booths for some sponsors such as Angostura Cocktails. Not sure if the promoters are to thank, but the weather was perfect for such an event, clear blue skies. 

Vibes!!! Vibes!!! we selling Vibes...how much amount of vibes yuh want?  Normally with a party of this size, everyting is so spread out that there is just once or two pockets of vibes, but that is not the case with Beach House, they got vibes from front to back, left and right.  With the likes of Jus Jase and Back2Basics on the turn tables the musical selections were right on point for this type of crowd, and for many this was their first fete for the season and the first time to feel the effects of hearing Palance come thru a wall of speakers, and by now you know what kind of effect that has on a crowd.

There was drinking and eating options to satisfy even the most discerning taste buds.  I hear tell the BBQ Oxtail was delicious as was the shrimp.  For those of you who drink in color, Johnny Blue and Green were pouring, but if you reached after the first wave stormed the bar then you prolly only drank in black and green.  The bars were large and well staffed so you didnt spend most of your night waiting for a drink or having to get a chit first then get a drink after, just walk up and smile and they put a drink in your hand.

There is nothing wrong with a crowded bar ... but what if the drinks were flowing & serving!
There is nothing wrong with a line at the food ... but what  if the food was tasty and also flowing!
Bartenders were serving you with a smile! Bartenders were flipping bottles - trying to poison your liver! I swear - we were being served almost half to three-quarter cup of alcohol!!! The food was being served without reservation and even if you asked for more you would get your plate full!!!!

$750TT ranks Beach House as one of the more expensive fetes for the season, but you would be hard pressed to find anybody who didnt get their money's worth at the end of the evening, even without a live performance.

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>> View Beach House Carnival 2010 Part 1 Gallery
>> View Beach House Carnival 2010 Part 2 Gallery
>> Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2010 Coverage