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Bump & Wine, Bump & Wine. In De Conga Line, Conga Line!!!

This 80s Bajan soca classic and its euphoric effect at all events from Limes to Bar Mitzvahs to Weddings had lead us to Privilege’s first very exclusive Bump & Wine Cooler Fete!

Yuh had to know somebody who knows somebody to get a ticket for dis event.  And boy did it pay off!  De crowd was sweet, de vibes was nice, and de fete layout and settings made the atmosphere very intimate on this Sunday night down in Westmoorings.  Ah tell yuh everybody knew everybody inside dey, and so did the TTJ Crew!

At the moderate ticket price of TT$150 the Privilege committee gave the customers more than what would be expected with free doubles and even some pelaeu cooked by my good friend J H from 51 (I never knew dat de gyrl had a sweet hand)!  And with everybody armed with their drinks in their oversized coolers it was all over for yuh boy as scotch was being offered to me from every direction.

High Fidelity/Less Than Zero proceeded to rip up de dance playing hit after hit.  And then came the performances.  Shal Marshall and Screws were first giving everyone instructions to get into their section as de “Police” was on de prowl.  Shal’s performance was solid but Screws with his blood shot red eyes appeared to be in need of an adrenaline shot.  

Next up was Faye Ann and Bunji’s guest performance, now it was time for the picong tuh start!  Faye started to pelt stones at de other road march contenders by questioning how could they have allegedly declared themselves the winners of de road with a whole week still left before Carnival start!  That declaration got the crowd alive but it was not sustained as Faye gave a half hearted performance.  Was she tired? Does she even want to be queen of de road again?  All I know is that the other front runners know dat they have to prove themselves to the experienced soca fraternity, so I’m sure dat for Soca Monarch dat they would come out with guns blazing!!!

The final performance was from JW & Blaze.  I decided to take a really close look at them dis time to see if Faye Ann know what she talking ‘bout!  They quickly went through their repertoire of home grown spoofs of dancehall hits which they have featured on the radio in the past, and then unleashed their mega hit “Palance”!  Blaze’s performance was solid and relatable, and even though he may not be facially very familiar to the mainly 95.1 audience in attendance he was well received!  JW’s performance was also good but I believe that he may need more than a strategically placed scarf to create the illusion of movement to get a larger crowd going.  Even with all dat said with the right support team, dancers and theatrics I believe dat dey could take it all come Soca Monarch even though my money is still on Tallpree!

Yuh boy real enjoy dis one.  My only advice is to keep Bump & Wine intimate and not to cross de just under 1,000 patrons dat attended (which is in contrast to the 5,000 plus mega fetes dat Privilege usually has) and de vibes for dis event would remain nice!

Keiron was there… where were you?

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>> Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2010 Coverage