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All in all this was a good fete for the people who were stuck here for the Trinidad Carnival and didn't get to experience it because alot of the people who went brought back a little piece for all ah we - big up to Culture Shock Ent & Sekou Flexx Ent.
The After Glow, I have to say that walking into the venue around midnight I did expect to be hit with a wave of heat at the door, having to fight my way thru a mob of intoxicated, sweaty, post carnival goers thirsty for a last lap. But surprisingly that wasn't the case as i walked in and saw the somewhat relaxed crowd, half of which were glowing from all their carnival tans. "what, not PALANCEEEEE?" I thought to myself. But then I remembered, we are in DC and people come out all after one so I knew I would it was only a matter of time...

The Library, is a fairly new spot in DC, locate in the NE side of town. It would require a sober eye to spot it but seeing i've been several time I knew exactly where it was. Parking could be a challenge so give ample time for that. but its an up and coming caribbean own place with a sound system that just invites some good bass. Definitely don't stand by the speaker box.

When I arrived DJ MAJESTIC was building the vibes with some good old school dancehall and I believe DJ GEKKO just got off. You could tell the post carnival goers were here for some soca and the DJs sensed that, cause as soon as that music switched it was pure baccahnal, from the first time trini carnival goers remembering their first experience to the bald head veterans enjoying a last jump up, everyone was palancing - even me. DJ HAZZARD continued the soca pace for the rest of the night

The drinks were on point and the prices weren't bad at all

There were enough bartenders and seeing the place wasn't jam packed the wait for your drink was virtually non existent..

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

>> View After Glow 2010 Gallery