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Eclipze 2010 Review
By Wade aka The Party Appraiser
Published on 13-Feb-10
The music was on point from the moment we walked in.  Richard Simply Smooth had ...

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For the Party Appraiser, there are just a handful of must-do events for Trinidad Carnival.  Eclipze is definitely on that list.  Growing in popularity, I think the promoters are doing a pretty good job of controlling the crowd and maintaining that delicate ladies to gentlemen ratio :-). It is really easy to let a fete like this get way out of control.  Earlier in the day, we bounced up Shaka and Freddy while picking up TRIBE costumes and the requests for tickets was literally nonstop.  I was happy to hear Shaka say that he was not interested in making Eclipze one of those mega fetes with everybody just standing around watching each other.  The vibe was definitely in the air from early o’clock for this one, anticipating a sweet lime can set the mood for an entire day.  Not being disappointed can set the mood for an entire year while you wait for the next one!

I’ve pretty much described this venue in my previous reviews but I must say, the view at this venue doh get old.  The North Deck will wow you every time, every year.  The décor has also improved, adding warmth to the ambiance.  The service at the bar was as close to perfect as you can reasonably expect in an all inclusive carnival fete.  Never a long wait and never a buss bar.  If Johnny and coconut is your thing, you drinking that right up until the fete done, a real welcome change from many a drinks inclusive carnival event we attended.

The music was on point from the moment we walked in.  Richard Simply Smooth had the crowd grooving, with a tempo driven playlist that often results in a selection of tracks you would not anticipate. I love not being able to tell what’s probably gonna come next.  D'Bandit and Hoppy came though later in the dance and did provide that extra spark, but I would have to humbly disagree with Bandit's assertion, in his email blast, that they “turned the dance around”.  Dance was nice from the word go!  Hoppy could give we just a lil ease up on d mic too doh :-).

Amazing venue, food on point, service on point; what more you want on a Carnival Saturday?  And at just about $575 TT, this one is easily top three in the value for money category for TnT Carnival.  Eclipze is the perfect way to enter the home stretch into Vale Vibe the next morning.  We’re looking forward to the Eclipze/Vale Vibe colabo for DC Carnival 2010.  That one have classic written all over it.  Just keep my TnT Carnival Eclipze nice and intimate for me please eh fellas, ah beggin yuh! :-)

Special thanks to the Eclipze family Wayne, Kona, Shaka, Sheldon, and Carlton for having us.  Long live Eclipze!

Wados aka The Party Appraiser for the TJJ Fam. 

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