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Absolute Adventure promotions well seasoned in the entertainment industry, its apparent, because they know how to bring it. Just by putting Niko Star and Walshy Fire two of the best DJ's here in South Florida under one roof to create such a great vibe.   
What a great party to start off 2010, if you see people.  Martin Luther King weekend and the 2 year anniversary of Eden was a celebration us Edeners will remember.   

A beautiful venue, with two rooms of great music. The outside was for the soca lovers, and the inside was for the serious reggae, hip hop and oldies lovers.  Walshy Fire was keeping it real for us Soca lovers on the outside, people was palancing to all the new soca tunes, The inside was well ram up, people was dancing on the bars enjoying themselves to Niko Star renditions.

The vibes is always fabulous at Eden especially with the company of beautiful people and great music. 

Nothing but top shelf drinks at this party which came with a price.  But the elegance and the atmosphere is what compensated for it.   

The staff was Awesome, u hear me "Awesome". The drinks kept flowing, you couldn't stand up by the bar with a empty glass.     Oh gosh,  talk about a hottie bartender who was treating TJJ to her Goose, Lawd have mercy, what a handsome sight.   Ah lime by the bar most of the night. 


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>> View Eden 2010 Gallery