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Production One Ltd. brought to St. Augustine once again another event that captivated the crowd with the soothing and mysterious sound of Jazz. The attendance at the event showed that a great number people, both young and old, appreciate the music art form. Seeing the individual patrons and couples just sway or tap their feet to the music surely created the ambiance of just.... serenity.

2010 brought together the eighth edition of this show and this year was held at U.W.I's Centre For Creative Arts And Festival Arts. OK.... now I know this might sound harsh, but it needs to be said and known. The name of the show was Jazz Artistes On The Greens, unfortunately ... the "Greens" part was not on point. Maybe the drought and lack of rain has something to do with it. Oh well!!! Seats were available for patrons but there were people arriving with their blankets and coolers and all sorts so that they can create a picnic setting while being entertained by the music. Also, which was quite noticeable as well, as the night fell deeper, to the crowd present the event began turning into "Mosquitoes On The Greens" so people just simply took candles and had them lit right next to them, which honestly added to the serenity of the event... smart people. Improvise and it will be all good!

Now I will be honest to all readers here, I don't particularly like Jazz music, however I do enjoy particularly good music, and this evening I was truly given great music. From the melodic and seducing sound of the saxophone, to the romantic cry of a violin, to the funky bee bops of the base... they were all great. The bands behind them were no exception. The event started at 4:00 pm sharp where the crowd present were entertained for an hour of our own pan powerhouse band, Woodbrook Playboyz. Afterwards, it was showtime. The list of the artists/bands present was Jason Baptiste and Afrolypso (went on stage approximately 5:00 pm), R'Kardo St'von (6:00 pm), William Roblejo Trio (7:00pm), Brenda Butler (8:00 pm), and the show closed with the great arrangements of Kalabash (9:00 pm). They all were excellent and I'm sure it created a great number of new fans of Jazz, I being one of them.

So a special thanks to Production One Ltd for having us at their eighth installment, hopefully for the ninth the weather would be more favourable to create the ambiance that you were looking for. Nevertheless it was a great show. To all the artistes and bands that performed, excellent work and I hope you all help put Trinidad's talent on the map and leave it concreted there.

Jokey Juice
.... Salt 'N Pepper

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