Since the release of his recent chart topping hit single The Pill late last summer, reggae artist Junior X has been steadily reclaiming his place on the local music scene. The artist whose repertoire includes hits such as Plead My Cause, Free Up Yourself, Seek Your Goals and Freedom is currently heating up the airwaves with another hit bound track titled Gangster Life.

Gangster Life was recorded on a very bouncy one drop beat and features X’ razor sharp lyrics; which warn the youths about the dangers of Gangster Life as he sings “Gangster life aint no joke, I best advise you stay out, once you’re in  death is the only way out” in the punch-line of the song. Gangster Life was released in January and is already racing up the charts both locally and abroad. Its accompanying music which was creatively done to highlight the songs strong anti-crime message, is also enjoying good support from local television stations as well overseas music video outlets such as Canada’s Much Music.

Junior X says that he is very happy with the response the song has been receiving and he is very thankful to all the people who are playing it. He also related that it makes him feel good to know that the message in the music is reaching the people.

“I am a man who believes that one must always strive to improve one’s self and while doing so one must also try to help others to improve themselves, because I am not a selfish man. Therefore I always make music that can uplift people from all walks of life, especially the youths who are so easily influenced. When I look at what is happening in the world today with so much violence and crime especially right here in our own country I had to record Gangster Life,” said Junior X.

Junior X whose real name is Richard White says that ever since he decided to become an artist he decided that he would use his talent in a positive way and he has never regretted that decision.

“It is a great privilege to be able to express myself musically and be able to connect with so many people around the world. Most of all I feel very happy to know people love my music and appreciate the message that my music conveys. Everywhere I go in the world people always tell me that my songs have touched them in a positive way,’ said Junior X. 

His long awaited debut album which is being produced by Dennis Livingston the CEO of Revolutionary Entertainment will be released later this year. The album will feature a variety of thought provoking tracks. Several top producers and musicians such as Sly and Robbie, Bobby Digital, Demarco and Kirk ‘Kirkledove’ Bennett are involved with this project.

Junior X is currently on a two week promotional tour in the USA, while there he will be doing some shows in the Boston area and he will also be doing several promotional stops.