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Big Up to Absolute Adventure and Party People, TJJ had a great time.
Everytime I go to this fete and I reach by the door, ah does have to mentally prepare myself because I have to squeeze through ah crowd of people with a camera. Woy! if you see people! especially ladies. Absolute Adventure was promoting ladies free with an invite, and it seems like the ladies took advantage of that deal.    

Now Naked and Soca 360 is under one roof at the Grand Palms, so you could have the best of both. Some soca in one area with DJ Dorenzo, Crown Prince and Sound Rev. In the other area, are Eccentrix, Black Chiney and ZJ Liquid straight from yard bringing it with some wicked reggae music.  

The vibes always nice especially when your surrounded by a fabulous crowd of friends. 

The drinks always on point, no complaints...

Now the reggae side, that bar always have some waiting to get drinks. but if you familiar with the venue all you have to do is walk accross to the Soca side and get drinks right away.  You see when my drink done, I get mesirable if I have to wait on a drink.  

Absolute Adventure was promoting free invites for the ladies and all ladies got one free tequila shot.  Partypeople also promoted ladies free with an invite.  So ladies, I can honestly say we got a bang for our buck.... 

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

>> View Naked Liquid Lime Gallery