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It is Easter 2010 and I have no work for four (4) days ... what am I possibly going to do? Got a request from Monica ... Glamour Shots ... Hobby Horse ... Friday ... Dancers ... Come On Down ... I said why not!? Besides, missing the first one two weeks ago, and hearing how impressive it was, I had to make up for missing what I heard ... I was not disappointed ...
With the event carded as a playboy/coyote ugly night the patrons came out in their bunny outfits and some were even in fancy dresswear. Attractive, friendly and even eye catching at times, the crowd was definitely ravishing! Large up all the ravishing people in the dance!

The hobby horse, normally known as a pub and some might say a public house but tonight it was a little different as this private event "changed" the hobby horse into a wild extravagant room full of vice and astonishing events! The horse is well cozy and seductively lit which made for an immaculate setting so patrons can dance, have some drinks, chat to others and have a splendid night. There is still some issue with it though ... can't fully explain it ... it does not make me scream wow ... what a venue ... the inner decor, some of it ... kudos ... but others ... uhm!?

What started out as a regular night turned out to be fire dancers, pole dancers and men drinking shots off women ... Body Shots! Wasn't that a movie? I should have known ... Glamour Shots really showed the crowd an interesting night out! With chocolate shots at the door (baileys and vodka) and with chocolate easter eggs - patrons started the party with a deviant aphrodisiac .... Trouble maybe?? The playboy bunnies who performed throughout the night were astonishing as they jirated their hips, swallowed fire, passed fire on their bodies ... Does that burn? The gorgeous slim bodied female who slid up and down the pole, hand stands, making love to the floor, she was great! She got a splashing applause from the masses and I know if the word "encore" was shouted - she will have done more. Miss Katy was on show today showing her stuff and interacting with the crowd however, she was her usual self and she called up Kimber and performed a strip-tease-lap-dance show and it was crowd pleasing! One patron was unsure who was more turned on whether it was the girls or if it was him as he chuckled to himself. Oh Lets not forget Katy's portrayal of a Body Shot ... using Monica as her aide. Good Times! Enjoyment! Was not disappointed!

We did not sample any food tonight but so on a dark note - when one is coming to the Hobby Horse - one must eat a plate of food before coming to splash out on the alcohol ... which on the flip side was reasonably priced for a "city" london pub - and the variety was not that bad either - one must say as well that when one type of Chardonnay finished ... another brand came out as well ... so patrons who enjoyed sticking to one type of alcohol at least got  to!

The Hobby Horse when last I was there had some staffing issues ... tonight ... I am still not too sure ... I guess I will leave it up to the patrons to comment on the service they received by the bar? The lines or the wait I will say was definitely more than seven (7) minutes to get a drink ... In some cultures ... that is enough time to have an orgasm ...

It was complimentary before 11:00 pm and I believe that to be a steal of a deal! Especially in London!

So people, Glamour Shots ... I quote .... "The events for fun people with any sexual preferences, any gender denominations, any nationalities and looks - but you need to be fun or you are not coming in!!"  End Quote

Monica Yuh Big!!!! Like Yuhself!!!! See you on the 24th ...

Scorn Juice
... worth the bitter after taste

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