New York, NY (Ms. Raine Inc.): Desmond Ballentine, known to Dancehall aficionados as the 'front teet, gold teet, gun pon teet' lyrical terror the Don Gorgon Ninja Man, has officiallly declared war--lyrical war that is. Renowned for stealth, witty verbal tactics, and over the top stage antics, Jamaica's prized vocal assassin has his sights set on one thing and one thing only for the New Jersey Reggaefest--to verbal destroy the 'Warlord.'
"I am coming for Bounty," Ninja Man declares. "Mi nah go hit the stage until they call on Bounty Killer. You make sure you tell them that me, Ninja Man, say so."
Not missing a chance to show America what he is made of, Ninja Man has guaranteed to show the New Jersey Reggaefest, dubbed the 'Year of the Great,' that this will be the year of the great lyrical slaying of his on-again off-again stage rival Rodney "Bounty Killer" Price who has garnered his own reputation for his razor-sharp lyrical delivery, and 'cross, angry, and miserable' disposition on the microphone.

"'Merica never really get a good stage competition yet," states Ninja. "It is about time the Dancehall people in 'Merica really get to see somebody lyrically dead pon stage. I am coming for the one Rodney Price, who a gwaan like people 'fraid a him, then him always a run and a hide. Well, this time he can't run and hide and me a go kill him with lyrics pon stage. New Jersey better get ready , 'cause I am coming for the one Bounty Killer."
While the usual verbal chiding between the two has been uncomfortably tense over the past few months with each making very personal attacks and allegations against the other, Ninja makes it clear that the war is "strictly lyrical."
"Bounty feels like he is one of the greats in the 'year of the great,' oh really," Ninja teases. "It will be the year of great mourning, all of him New Jersey and New York fan dem a go mourn fi him--in the lyrical, not literal, sense. Don't get it confused."
"People know that they can expect anything at the New Jersey Reggaefest," chuckles concert organizer Casey "G City" Rankine of Road Block Radio, adding that "it's all in the name of fun and entertainment. Ninja, Bounty, and Beenie [Man] have been in the industry for well over a decade, they are three of the greatest, and this will no doubt be a great display of talent."
Currently Bounty Killer is on tour in Japan, but the Alliance camp has confirmed that the throngs of Tri-State Dancehall fans can expect a lively performance to which the 'Five Star General' will not falter. With the recent addition of Alliance members Bugle and Serani, and a rare U. S. performance from Roots Reggae empress Queen I-frica, patrons can rest assure that the 2008 NJ Reggaefest will be the greatest of an eight-year history of stellar stage shows.
G City Entertainment, Road Block Radio, MG Promotions, and Team A Promotions present the 'Year of the Great' New Jersey Reggaefest featuring Ninja Man, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Queen I-frica, Barrington Levy, Demarco, Etana, Bugle, and Serani, to be held on Sunday, September 21st at the Halsey Sports Complex (213 Halsey Street in Newark, NJ). Limited advance tickets are on sale for $49.99 with advance VIP tickets for $80.00. For ticket outlets and other information, call 973-368-4424 or 347-492-3977 or email