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Hats were a must for this fete, we loved them, we loved the difference, but most of all we wish you could bottle and sell the vibes and just reproduce it time after time after time... apparently the best hat (and outfit) won a bottle of Moet! We don't know who the winner was but everyone looked fabulous! Busspepper with a twist.. finally!
A smallish crowd came out tonight compared to the usual Busspepper die hards! Everyone in the place embraced the theme in full force;some serious mad hatters in the dance! We had everything from chef's hats to policemen (complete with baton and handcuffs...darling!) to cowgirls and witches, with the stylish 'trilby' hat being the choice for the style demons in the house!
We were slightly confused with how many men were in the place tonight !! What happen there pepper? Some serious 'man crews' came out and some of the usual Busspepper sexy ladies were missing! Walking through the crowd was like battling through a sea of overactive testosterone!!! Ladies beware!

Abacus is a large sexy venue in the city of London. It has everything you would want from a venue: real space, excellent service,friendly bar staff and all the drinks and cocktails you could ask for! Only downfall being unless you are the keenest party goer in the world and super early to hit de dance, you cyah find nowhere to park ! jeez.. we park at least one tube stop away! So TJJ party guru advice is if yuh driving: reach early for Abacus events my dear patrons! Also, when you start to feel wet (ahem) beware of the strange phenomena that you would think is sweat dripping from the ceiling ... but upon further inspection ... no ... alas it is the condensation from the air condition units ... phew!!!!

Is it true that good things come in small packages ? Uhmmm ... whatever your thoughts, this small crowd  brought vibes vibes! Music was on point tonight - big up the DJ's!!! We get everything from old skool to supercat to drum n' bass, we 'pass out' at least 3 times and there was plenty 'palancing' in the house! Most refreshing to hear a real mix of music including all the hot 2010 soca... well done boys, yuh know when people start to slap the ceiling and scream 'wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllll' that it's on!!!
nuff said...More of the same please!

Awesome bar staff, fabulous cocktails, premium drinks,champagne, bottles of wine and plenty of it! pay with your card or cash, nice and flexible! For the starving bellies in the house...De Four caterers were on point with a sweet range of Caribbean food through the night! What more yuh want?

TJJ favourite tallist on the door, always there to greet us with a smile on arrival! Great service from the bouncers to the bar staff to the toilet attendants! Easy and quick to get drinks.. once yuh could escape the men in the crowd and get to the bar!

Let's be honest, typical London saturday night prices. Good deals if yuh organsied and get in early... Some would say expensive but Busspepper definitely not alone here as that's how it goes in this city! Music and vibe tonight made it worth the price, no question ...

Posh Juice

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>> View De Mad Hatters Ball: Alice In Socaland Gallery