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My fellow readers, I bring forth a review like no other. Now don't get me wrong, I always give respect to any promoter(s) with an idea, and I give them even more props for executing it. Bunny Babes is one of these events. Great concept, credit for execution, but have to be honest where the success of it is concerned.

Now, Easter holidays has just ended and everyone may still have a sweet tooth from all the chocolate so there was complimentary chocolate given on entry. Nothing wrong there. I actually liked, and abused that token. I'm not sure if it was the distance of the event, the notoriety of the club Skyy View or the date of the event that affected the turnout. It was......dry to say the least. Have you ever got invited to an event that automatically had alot of hype just by the name, and when you enter the doors you wonder if it's the same event you was so excited about going? I know that's how I felt. Oh well, like i always say; "Better to shoot and miss, rather than not shoot at all." Reason being is that eventually with time brings experience, and experience takes time. Better luck next time fellas.

A good thing though about the event was that the crowd that did attend seemed to all be connected, like they all knew each other, some one in the different groups. So it brought about a real warm and friendly ambiance. Bar tenders were vibrant, food "looked" tasty, and the view from the venue was surreal. Once again, great concept, just didn't kick off the way it should have.

Must give credit to Lance Smith for putting this event together and all other promoters who participated. Keep doing you, and don't give up. Throwing events aren't easy but eventually with time and experience it will be so for you. TJJ will be glad to cover any one of your next projects to give you the feedback that will help you move forth.

Salt N Pepper

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