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This is THE party for Saturday night, even some folks who may not be jumping up in the Road March on carnival day will part take of these festivities.  The likes of Michelle Xavier and Ricardo Drue of IMIJ & Co., and 1998 Miss Universe Wendy Fitzwilliams were in the dance.  Soca artistes Mr. Slaughter and Shurwayne Winchester were spotted during the night.

This event is located in affluent Cherry Gardens residential neighbourhood and is fully housed within the very large yard surrounding the house.  Of course, parking is all along the streets of the neighbourhood, so the neighbours must be very accomodating to the Frenchmen.  The front yard is where the dancefloor is laid down and the lighting is erected, towards the end of the yard is yet another bar, so you are never very far from a drink, so this is where most of the action takes place.

We can't lie, the vibes is always nice at a Frenchmen party, with the likes of DJ Smoke of Rennaisance Disco on the 1s and 2s there is music for everybody's taste.  Make no mistake though, this is a carnival party so SOCA is the main course being served, even some old school classics during the early warm session.

As you enter the first thing you see is the long bar, and the 2nd thing you see is that they have Johnnie at the bar, what a sight to see!  If you continue on to the back of the house, you will see all the food stations setup in various tents.  The tent with the samosas, pholouri and doubles was the most popular on the night, but there were at least 4 other stations with a variety of foods being served.  The food last well into the night, and it should at an All Inclusive of this quality, you can eat and drink yuh belly full.

Service is top notch, from the hard working bartenders to the pleasent food servers, to the cleaning staff that is constantly cleaning up all night during the party keeping the place looking nice n' crip!

At $5,000JA this is by no means a cheap party (by any standards), and it's not meant to be.  It's for a very select crowd, so even if you can afford a ticket... good luck finding one!  But when you do get a golden ticket, you will want to return to the Chocolate Factory again and again!!

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>> View Frenchmen All-Inclusive "Bazodee" Gallery
>> View Bacchanal Jamaica Carnival 2010 Coverage