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Oh how we love Corset and Diamonds...TJJ have become seriously hooked on these fun and Cheeky Burlesque parties which just seem to get better and better!!! Tonight we were drawn in the weird and wonderful world of Alice in Wonderland! Whether you chose to be a mad hatter, a Cheshire cat or squeeze into a baby blue Alice corset, as usual tonight proved that in London and especially in the world of Corset and Diamonds there is something for everyone... Prepare to be dazzled by Burlesque performers, fun and friendly people, an awesome eclectic mix of music and an 'anything goes' attitude...we can't wait to disappear down the Rabbit hole!!!
Not to hard to figure this one out.. the clue was in the name of the party !!! Either come dressed as your favourite Alice in Wonderland character or as it's Corset and Diamonds come in full Burlesque attire or.. just come as you are, but to fully enjoy this event you know you wanna dress up!!! The rule at Corset and Diamonds is that it's Burlesque for girls and their friends so if you are male you have to be accompanied by a female or two!!! (some of the fellas took that very seriously and took the opportunity to surround themselves by a bevvy of beauties!!!) In Corset and Diamonds the females are the stars and let's just say they went all out tonight with their outfits and make up! Ladies you looked fabulous! Somehow as well as looking great, this gorgeous group of girls always seem to be uber friendly and that means TJJ gives this crowd a huge thumbs up!!!

Hobby Horse is a simple little pub in Dalston just a few minutes from the popular Shoreditch and Hoxton areas of East London. On first glance it looks like any other pub but once inside you can see why it is a favourite venue for performers and up and coming artistes. The back of the pub has a small stage, there is one bar, a dedicated smoking area and plenty of seats for those of you not dancing (although why you would need a chair we don't know!!!). A simple venue but nothing to get too excited about. However the secret basement makes for a great after party!

Corset and Diamonds is all about the vibe!!! Tonight seemed to have some serious party vibes from as soon as peeps crossed the threshold at the front door!!! No one waited for the performances to get themselves on the dance floor tonight!! The vibes were in full effect. We were treated to a great mix of music from Madonna to Lady Gaga right through to Patra !!! When last you hear Pull up to my bumper in a party ???! we love it... Of course the vibe at Corset and Diamonds is always intensified by the amazing performances and boy were we in for a treat tonight!! some Corset and Diamonds favourites in the form of the lovely Vee Worldmistress and Chiqui, were joined by Chassy vanKlaas, Akimbo Moonchild and Chrys columbine modelling a fresh new line of Burlesque wear by Lulu and Lush! Now you know where to head to for your next party's outfit !!!

Anyway back to these amazing performers...first up was Chassy Van Class with an amazing Burlesque performance complete we butterfly nipple tassles!! Where can we get some Chassy??? Followed swiftly by Chiqui... and what better way to get the party started than with a fabulous pole dancing superstar in full character as a cheeky Cheshire cat !!! The mad hatter was the new compere for the night, keeping us entertained in between acts and we must say a very good presenter too, even though he told TJJ we were naughty !!! who ? us ? never!!!... :) You had to be there to fully appreciate what happened next!!! Akimbo Moonchild you rocked!!! Serving tea from your little house and wowing the crowd with your cheeky modern adaptation. After recovering from the awe of Akimbo it was time for something completely different ! Chrys Columbine is often described as 'Britain's Burlesque Queen' and is also a classically trained pianist, a talent which she managed to incorporate into her show! Fabulous!

It wasn't until the doors to the pub were locked and we were led down the rabbit hole to the Mad Hatter's tea party below were we treated to the Cheeky Vee Worldmistress. We can't get enough of you Vee!  and yet another performance from Chiqui this time cleverly transformed into the white rabbit!!! Let me just say what a fabulous choice of song for your second performance because you are one super hot female!!! Chiqui and Vee you took the vibes from good to great ... we love you!!!

Hobby Horse is essentially a pub and therefore in terms of drinks you will get a a wide selection of beer, wine and spirits all at City of London prices!!! Tonight we were treated to an extra treat with a fully laid on Mad Hatter's tea party complete with mini muffins, cakes and tea!!! Nice touch, we love it and a brilliant addition to the theme!

Friendly and efficient.. nuff said!!

This is really a party to get organised in advance as that means £12.50 versus a potential £20 at the door! Tickets are available from a variety of places in advance so don't delay! Clearly the advance tickets are good value for money but even if you decide last minute and pay £20 at the door, the performances and people make it worth every penny so we wouldn't quarrel!!

Posh Juice

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