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We at TJJ take our hats off to all promoters and people involved in making such a  great ladies affair. Props to Alchemy Nightclub and hope to be informed and involved in any future projects and events they have coming up. Salt N Pepper

I must firstly ask all readers to read this quietly. Reason being because as the name and slogan says "SHHHH!!!! It's a Suprize". Would not want any outsiders or non-attendees eavesdropping on this review.

On Saturday May 1st 2010, there was a surprise in the mist, and apparently everyone wanted to find out what it was. Masses of people made their way to the Alchemy night club where it would've been revealed. Suprize: A Ladies Affair I must say kept the nightclub rammed out for the longest time i have been attending. We at TJJ arrived some time around 1 a.m hoping to gain easy access inside, but we were also surprised to see the amount of people that were still lined up trying to gain entry. Well done!

As we entered, music was pumping, ladies were looking fabulous, and the drinks were pouring. Oh, there's another surprise, it was free drinks all night long. Kudos!! The V.I.P section was surprisingly crowded with the social drinkers and limers, who just look down at the party goers on the dance floor. So just imagine if the V.I.P section, or as I like to call them, The Watchtower section was full, envision the dance floor. I guess the promoters did not tell anybody, they told EVERYBODY.

Besides being a free drinks affair, there was also specials such as complimentary shots, bottle giveaways, gifts, and also seeing that this day was also the official birthday celebration for Wayne Boboyute (Good Bros.Promotions) and Stefon X Moore (X Bass Sounds), special ladies were selected to cut the cake with them. Happy belated birthday to you both from us at Trini Jungle Juice.

Now lets deal with my favorite part....the ladies. My, my, my.....such beautiful ladies. What made things even better, most of them weren't afraid to give us their best pose for the camera. Thanks ladies, hope we meet more like y'all in all events we cover. Music was on point, which was supplied by Dj's such as Marcus and Stefon (X Bass) and Assassin just to name a few. All in all, it was a pleasant surprise if i must say so myself. We left the event at 5 a.m and still the dance floor was full and music still flowing. Like they were really going to party till the sun comes all the way up. YOU GO BOY!!

Jokey Juice
... Salt 'N Peppa ...

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>>View A Ladies Affair Gallery