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After three days of liming and partying, comes Sunday cool down at Rum Point which is considered chill. Well clearly, Caymanian's “chill” isn't the same as my “chill”.

On Sunday morning locals take their boats and head out to Rum Point, located on the opposite side of the island from Georgetown and Seven Mile Beach (about a15 minute ride), to keep the carnival vibe goin’. As we were riding over (at some ‘super-dupa’ speeds), we were so excited to get there that we didn't even mind the water splashing in our faces, or our clothes almost flying off because of the wind... we just wanted to hop off that boat and start our party.

Other than all the drinkin’, dancin’, and runnin’ from the stingrays, Rum Point is surely a great place to catch up with friends while meeting new and amazing people.

Now remember, on Sundays all of the shops are closed, so drinks and food have to be taken care of beforehand. And believe me; you don't want to find yourself in the water without some kind of drink in your hand! Just be careful not to get that salt water in your cup, it can really ruin a drink!!

The party is almost as good as the view. Blue skies, crystal blue water (waist height), white sandy beach, all accompanied by the warm touch of the sun. Rum Point is definitely one of the most amazing places I've been. And, as jumpy as I was, the stingrays swimming around us are part of the whole atmosphere.

So my advice to all of you: when you come to Batabano, make sure to book your return flight anytime AFTER Sunday and, while you're there, find yourself a friend with a boat.


Ps. JP and Jodi, thanks for the ride/drinks/lime! Swanky, thanks for hooking up the TJJ crew.

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>> View Boat Lime @ Rum Point Gallery

>> View Cayman Carnival Batabano 2010 Coverage