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Red Carnival transformed the Coco Palm Grounds into Carnival Central last Saturday, May 8th. Nine costumes were put on display for the 2010 portrayal of Unspoken Desires ... A great work by the promoters and designers, colourful and bright as expected, with beautiful and skinny models, a perfect combination ...
Good ambiance and performance by the Artists, I'll just regret that it ended so early.

Here is the description of costumes that you can find on the band's website http://redunlimited.net/red-international-presents-unspoken-desires/:

For 2010, RED CARNIVAL has harnessed those untamed passions, and now all that we hold intimate is unleashed …UNSPOKEN DESIRES.

1.  WET DREAMS – Our lust for fulfillment sexually or emotionally creates a savage thirst for the objects of our passion.  This section shows the fires in all our desires.

2.  EROTIC BONDAGE – The practice of bondage in our sexuality started centuries ago, yet today though widely practiced, it is still taboo.  This section reflects the strange seduction of Erotic Bondage.

3.  TEMPTED TO TOUCH – What we desire is not always accessible.  We yearn for another but must restrain ourselves.  This section presents to forbidden temptations of wanting to reach out physically to an inaccessible subject, forbidden fruit.

4. GUILTY PLEASURES –  These are the little treats that we often love behind closed doors.  They are most times the stimulating aspects of our private lives.  This section impresses upon the magic that is the fantasy in our sensuality.

5. CANDID CONFESSIONS – Outright daring expressions of one’s desires, used to evoke seduction reactions from the ones we pursue.  This section presents the daring aspects of our sensuality.

6. TRUTH OR DARE – Daring us to reveal our innermost desires, challenging the norm that is our privacy and our fantasies.  This section brings us back to the innocence of truth or dare, with an adult twist.

7. SULTRY SEDUCTION – The art of seduction is a powerful weapon.  This power to entice of lead astray any unsuspecting individual’s sensuality is truly a marvel.  Very few have mastered this and many have fallen prey to its rapture.  This section invokes the art of seduction, a powerful gift.

8. SINFUL FANTASIES – Lust, obsession, and  forbidden love are just a few of the wild fantasies that lurk within our psyche when in the presence of beauty.  Our fantasies are our unspoken desires, that burning need to have what we sometimes can’t.  That yearning to do what we dare not do.  This section allows us to wallow in our lusty dreams without being seen.

9. BURNING ECSTASY - This is the ultimate erotic experience,  no holds barred, downright explosive sexuality.  It is everyone’s wish to experience the ultimate ecstatic adventure yet for most only in their dreams it may come to pass.  Only a genie could grant this powerful wish.  This section presents to most, the only medium through which all their sinful dreams may come true.

A big big crowd made it to the launch, all ready to fete and wine hard, but before anything else, excited to see what would be the " Unspoken Desires " costumes of the biggest band of St Lucia Carnival

The Band Launch was in the well known Rodney Bay Area, you know, where you can find all the Bars, Restaurants and Clubs, same location as every year "Coco Palm Grounds" really easy to access and enough space to jump all around ...
For myself, i got in VIP which included a private bar, food and seats to watch the show like ... a VIP

Good and Typical St Lucian vibes with all the famous Soca Artists of the island such as Ricky T, Kakal ... and to end the show, Mr Skinny Fabulous in person who gave us an energetic performance

Well if you were not VIP, eheheh, pay your drinks ...

Excellent service in the VIP Area, but a little less in general
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>> View Ignites - Red Unlimited 2010 Band Launch "Unspoken Desires" Gallery