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The turnout tonight was good. The event sell out! So much so that more tables and chairs had to be pulled out of storage to accommodate the extras. It was more of an older crowd present, but a show like this is open to anyone of any age that interested in nice, live, Caribbean music. I know I love up meh live steelpan, so boyyy - was in meh glee! Everyone was well receptive of the music and seemed to have enjoyed it all.

The Tabernacle is located in Notting Hill. A short walk from either Notting Hill Gate or Ladbroke Grove tube stations. Easily accessible and wouldn't take forever to get to. We reach there in just over an hour from the south east. And is public transport we rollin up in. A nice location, with a nice atmosphere. Great theatre space and pimped out with a stylish restaurant and two bars. This certainly was an ideal venue for this show and we certainly wouldn't mind going there again!

Tonight's show was a tribute to two of the Caribbean's finest: Reggae Legend, Bob Marley and Calypso extraordinaire, Lord Kitchener. A tribute to two of d' best players of their game? Really? So yuh know we expect nothing but d' best,right... Well that's exactly what we got. TJJ would even say it was sensational; at no point were we bored. From the voice of Cutty Williams to the solos of jazz artist Cameron Pierre and panists Robert Clarke and Justin Russel, alongside the Engine Room Band... sweet melodies, nice sounds and overall, great vibes!

Dinner tonight was prepared by Caribbean Master Chef Hassan De Four. We didn't get the chance to have any food as we were hard at work and it finish by the time we went, but there were no complaints from anyone. Even when the host was talkin to dem, is complete silence... everybody was busy munchin'! We were lucky enough to get some dessert at least, and we must say that it was nice of course. In terms of drinks, there was a wide selection of beers, spirits and wines. More than you'd need for one evening anyway. Remember, don't drink and drive either!

No problem. We were greeted as we entered, and sorted in no time. The bar staff was friendly and productive and the bar was never full, so they must've been doing something right!

£3.50 for a beer and same price for a single rum and coke. We'd say that's about standard price. Plus we in London, so it could've been worse. The music and overall vibe made tonight worth the price. Done talk.

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