5 Minutes With Beenie ManHey all! The 5 Minutes Crew rolled through Maracas Nightclub (formally Rum Jungle) in Queens to check out the King of the Dancehall himself, Beenie Man in concert! When I tell you we had a time! We had A TIME! Hands and rags in the air, all kind of ting! We managed to wrangle up 5 minutes with Beenie after he completely tore up the stage!

Rae: OMG! What happened to your arm? (His arm was in a sling)
Beenie Man: I broke my arm playing football (soccer)
Rae: Lawd!

Rae: : What is the one thing you can't travel without when on tour?
Beenie Man: Definitely my band.
Rae: : Makes sense! haha

Rae: What is your favorite riddim?
Beenie Man: Well, I really don't have a favorite. Music still making!

Rae: What's the craziest thing that a groupie ever did?
Beenie Man: Meh cyar tell yuh dat!
Rae: Woy, it must be good!

Rae: If you weren't an entertainer, what would you be doing?
Beenie Man: Oh, I would be a Doctor.
Rae: Ah yes, the good Doctor!

Rae: What is one thing that your fans don't know about you? Like, do you snore?
Beenie Man: (he laughs) Well, there is nothing really. My fans know everything! And, nah I don't snore, at least I don't think so... so my mom tells me!

Rae: What is your favorite cuss word?
Beenie Man: B*mb*Cl*t! But, yuh shoulda know dat already!!! (he laughs)

Rae: Do you have a ritual before you perform?
Beenie Man: Not really. It's all about the people. I think about them before going on stage.

Rae: Can you play any musical instruments?
Beenie Man: I can play everything! Without knowing how to play, there is no music.

Rae: We runnin' outta time! Ok, if you could be a superhero, who would you be and why?
Beenie Man: Wow, um. Well, meh cyar be Batman because Batman, he too dark. Hmmm.... I would have to say Superman! Everyone loves Superman and Superman was with Wonder Woman so yuh dun know! I know because I saw it in a blue movie!!!
Rae: Oh gosh!

- Le Petite Juice