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Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy! Can I Say it one more time ... Oh Boy! I have landed in Germany - the log book is open - the journal is ready and my pen is loaded with ink so that I can start writing chronicles and HIStory! Charge Up!!!!! I have been planning this Berlin 2010 carnival trip since last year Berlin 2009 Carnival Coverage and I, without a doubt do not regret making this trip and experiencing one of the best carnivals in Europe! I linked up with D -One  Jam Masters and we stormed through this Carnival making sure we handled everything and coped with all the surpises and shocks!!!!

It is the first night and well by all means we MUST crash and burn in one of the biggest fetes for the Berlin Carnival - Carnival Jump Up! It was held in Icon Club - what I have been told was an old bunker - D -One loves it and I know why ... the sound passes through that venue without loss of decibel ... more or less ... if that make sense ... no it did not ... essentially, you could go deaf inside this venue!!!! As I said it was a bunker and so it is underground ... talk about seclusion ... but that is what we like ... dark corners ... dark places!! Bearing that in mind, I must say Soca Twins, your choice of venue ... good start! But then again it is held here mostly and this year was no different. There was carded performances by Problem Child and we were in for a surprise when David Rodigan was there playing all the hits, all the reggae, dub plates, soca plates, mixes, remixes, refixes, melodies of dub plates, man ... I could go on and on ... David Rodigan Is A Legend! A Legend!

Now ... lets take a moment to describe the plan ... Six Male Trinidadians ... Berlin Carnival 2010 ... First Night's Event ... Soca Twins Carnival Jump Up ... Put together a pool/whip for the alcohol ... make sure we have a designated person to carry us home or to know where we going after ... and then we .... Charge Up!!!!
"So what time should we arrive then D -One ??" ... we had to ask him cause he is the verteran Berlin Carnival patron ...
"Anytime after 1:00 am ... germans like to drink before they go a party ... alcohol is cheap in germany!"...
So right away I got the feeling ... wait ... Berlin Carnival is similar to Trinidad Carnival with respect to times for parties ...
"So D, what time it finishing? .... asking because coming from London, we all know we have a set time to party - it either finishing 3:00 am or 2:00 am ... which sucks egg big time!!!
"When you want it too!!" ... what?? ... moving along swiftly!

The dance was crowded! Rodigan was on the ones and twos with his music all on CDs, that is right ... there are still DJs who does not use the Apple Mac Book ... Why Should He? He destroys the dance with or without it! I have seen Rodigan before live, but tonight it was different, tonight he was on a mission, he wanted people to jump up as he does, he wanted people to scream "OOOOHHHHHH" as he does, he wanted people to be Rodigan ... All Crews and Crews linked up and was on the main dancefloor taking in his performance and hands were in the air by all means they were very much in the air ... a bit too much ... because there were some serious hurry smelling people in there man ...*sighs* ... and up next after David's set was the infamous and wild out duo - Soca Twins - Franky & Boone ... you blokes got on wassy as usual (from what I have heard) ... it is like a performance! I swear! You could be dancing by yourself, or on an object or even with a human and you will still look up to see what Boone or Franky doing ... you could be trying to engage another human in follies and you will still want to look up and see the sound set ... they are that encaptivating!

It has to be said that a party of this calibre you must attract soca stars from the caribbean and when we bounce up Skinny Fabulous & Problem Child there was no surprise - they are some cool chaps! You guys large and I rate you ... especially on the Hunny Bunny Riddim ... Furthermore, a huge big up and a huge shout out to Problem Child for giving us his performance ... instructing the crowd on what to do ... waking up the crowd even more ... the man even crack a joke and said that he did not fly 8 miles to see people only stand up and jump up, he want to see people wake up , move around, mash up the place!! Problem you were spot on tonight man, even when you pass boof on to skinny and tell him "Come Up Here!!" ... entertaining ... question? Is there a collaboration coming soon???

Patrons were strolling in at all hours and other patrons were also leaving at odd hours so to be honest there was always a steady crowd in the dance! How the whip going fellahs? Beers and Rum & Coke later ... we not that tipsy ... certain men from the crew was too tired because they fly to the WRONG AIRPORT ... so they had to go home ... so from 6 ... left 3 .... and we running the party red red still ... wait ... the whip still have .... who say tequila shots !!! .... The prices and the service from the bar was immaculate ... there was not a long wait and the drinks were served right up! Even if you had a complaint it was resolved quickly! This is what I call service!!!

Final Checklist as we leave the party after six (6) in the morning ....
  • all crew and crew present .... check    * were there plenty females in the dance ... check
  • does hurry smelling people show signs of enjoyment or lack of deodorant ... both ... check
  • dance up, wine up, hug up, squeeze up, charge up ... all of the above ... check
  • did your eyes have to adjust to the light when leaving the party ... check
  • man wine up on anything, woman wine up on anything ... check
  • easy to get a taxi home after the dance ... check
  • did I get enough love from the patrons .... CHECK!!!!!!
Soca Twins, you sell off, If I attended this party alone for the season, I will want to come back every year ... without fail ... am I talking too soon? I think I am ... everyone keeps telling me about Carnival Glow ...*ahem*

Amiel aka Scorn Juice
... worth the bitter after taste

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

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