5 Minutes With D'BanditMix Juice coming to you straight from Notting Hill Carnival 2k8 with a special 5 Minutes interview with one of Toronto's premiere DJ's, D'Bandit. As I was jamming at the UK TRIBE Launch Party, I couldn't help but say to myself, "... But that music sweet! Who is that DJ?" Look D'Bandit! In the midst of the showing of the costumes and the boisterous crowd singing along to chunes, I managed to squeeze in a couple of pictures and laughs with my favorite Grenadian DJ.

Eljon: What is your favorite riddim?
D'Bandit: I don't have a favorite because every rhythm has its own perfect composition and it's own personality.

Eljon: What did you want to be when you were growing up?
D'Bandit: I wanted to be an engineer as something to fall back on. I also wanted to be a businessman like my Dad.

Eljon: How did your name come about?
D'Bandit: My original name was to be the "Turntable Bandit", then called D (for Dwayne) Iron (for turntable) Bandit. I predicted people would shorten my name as a result of the popular song from Organizer, "Dats De Bandit." It was eventually recognized D'Bandit was the strength in the name, and in 1998, I officially shortened my name to D'Bandit.

Eljon: Golden Apple or Guava?
D'Bandit: Oh damn... well, it depends on the situation. Golden Apple has a texture, but Guava has an eccentric taste. I can't choose one! It's the same thing with music; choose according to occasion.

Eljon: If you were an animal, who would you be and why?
D'Bandit: I would be a puma or a jaguar because those animals have agility. They are also commanding to all the animals in the kingdom.

Eljon: Oil Down or Pelau?
D'Bandit: Oil Down!
Eljon: Good thing you said that otherwise you would have a whole mess of angry Grenadians on your hands.

Eljon: What's the best part of DJing?
D'Bandit: Seeing people enjoying themselves.

Eljon: Who are you jamming to right now?
D'Bandit: My daughter, Mia. That girl knows how to shake her waist.

Eljon: What would you say is your signature?
D'Bandit: Raising the level of DJing difficulty.

And he's certainly succeeded in doing that.

- Mix Juice with a pint of Guinness in meh hand ... out!