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For 3 days Copenhagen is transformed to a massive carnival city with good vibes from all over the world. It’s a festivity where people get to meet each other, learn about different cultures while listening and dancing to Reggae, Samba, Salsa, Soca, afro and electro music.

DAY 1: The weather is with us, people are sitting in the grass in a huge park in central Copenhagen with beers and caiparinhas deciding what party or workshop to attend next. The whole park is packed with families and kids are running around from one amusement to the other. There’s loud music from the Brazilian tent and musicians walking with their instruments. The Latin tent has a workshop taking place right now with Salsa lessons. We’re all chilling in the sun and getting our groove on, and people are laughing and having a good time – this is the Danish “hygge” – what in Trini would be described as a bessss lime in good company. There are concerts all nights... so what mood are we in? Now every tent has room for only 500 people, so be sure to arrive in good time. Wow, after hours with several drinks and lots of wining here and there, I decided to hit the after party at Club Mambo - the official place to be for the carnival-goers. Everyone salsa danced till the sun came up, then it was time to hit home before the big parade.

DAY 2: The official Samba parade. It’s definitely a something to see with the orchestra and dancers from all of the various Samba schools in Copenhagen. Loud drums in the streets, and Brazilian inspired costumes on pretty women walking their yearly parade in the central streets of Copenhagen. Adam, our Danish friend, who is deeply in love with Trinidad Carnival, has organized the 1st Soca truck going from Christania (the only spot in Denmark where you freely can smoke your pot) to Fælledparken. We of course, got on BAD, and those who didn’t watched and learnt the official Danish wine - WITH NO BEHAVIOUR!

When the truck reached Fælledparken it was packed with jolly people who had been drinking since noon. Again we listened to Afro/Brazil drum concerts, and enjoyed Samba shows with beautiful costumes and fantastic singers giving us their best. I felt it as I was standing in the crowd ... the warmth ... the vibe ... their passion for what they do! A truly special feeling – the unity, carnival joy, and love for dance and music. Ohh carnival, how I love thy!! I ended my night in the Reggae tent with my girls for our last wine, ah sweet, sweet wine.... and a drink of course! ;-)

DAY 3: We are still located in Fælledparken, the spot for Carnival. You can smell the curry and spices from the little tents with Thai, Indoneese, African, Danish and Spanish food everywhere. Brazilian blocko’s ongoing every hour, in every corner someone is having a little jam session with random professional singers and musicians. The whole day we drink, lime and go to concerts. Yet again, we have a parade with music and samba dancers for 2 hours.... smiles everywhere.

This Carnival brings all different cultures together, and Danish people love this season. Latinas, Africans and Caribbean people represent well, showing Denmark what carnival is all about. Nobody wants to stop the limin’ ... even though it’s dark, we’re not going home! The music keeps pumping in the big load speakers. The park is filled with good vibes with lots of people wrapped in their blankets with their drinks. Denmark at it’s best!

Till next year’s Copenhagen Carnival – Be there!!

-Sweet Stamina Banana

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