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The sexy folks came out ready to start their Memorial Weekend off in the right way, wearing the hottest trends for the summer. They slowly crept in, but once they were inside Tikki Village, Verve was definitely the place to be on this hot friday night!

Tikki Village is a hidden spot perfect for the summers many outdoor festivities. Tucked away in what operates as a scrap yard and auto garage during the day, but once night falls, it turns into a bungalow filled with pure vibes infused by the Caribbean nightlife. With Soca Village directly across the street, there was enough space available to accommodate the vehicles of partygoers for both venues. . . .Greatness!

Verve took some time to pick up and kick off. Lots of attendees treated the event like a social mixer, breezing and socializing throughout the night, but others took a different approach. Later on into the night the people were wining down low, beating their empty bottles, theifing whine and shamelessly starting off what would be a wicked Memorial Day weekend.

Summer means lots of BBQ! Lots of chicken for sale in the back  and the bar was well stocked. Of course people bought Johnny by the bottle!

It took some time for us to get inside because the security was a bit of a hassle managing people going in and out of the venue, and controlling people at the ticketing booth. But once inside the tensions died down, the bar flowed easily.

Reva aka Junior Juice

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