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Felix and Jomo thank you guys for the invite and treating me like a princess :-) I know you guys have a lot in sotre for the summer so we'll definitly be seeing a lot of each other

The theme was in full swing tonight minus the 1 or two who forgot or just didn't care.

The queen of hearts is a cute lil boat. Three floors so a lot of walking ans stair climing. That's quite alright doh it keeps the legs on point!!

It started off very slow at first. i'm not sure if people were tired or waiting to get a buzz. It turned up a notch towards the end of the night. The djs mixed lovely B2B' Sounds 4 Life, Dj Spice and Anoymous.

Well boy the food went down lovely. Big ups to the chefs I wish I could of gotton a second plate but I could't make people feel I don't get food at home. lol

Tjj always get royal treatment from Party people Promotions. That's why we love them so much.

$40 buck typical boatride price. You also got free food pretty reasonable to me.

Text-A-Holic Juice

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>> View Glow With A Touch Of Orange Gallery