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We have nothing but love for the entire Gameface crew n' crew... I can't stop talking about how much fun I had. I can't believe I missed this fete last year... that's never happening again!!! When is the next flex? Labor Day weeknd for Amnesia, right??!! There's no way TJJ is missing that one ... we'll be there bright n' early!! :-)

Summer is finally here... if you see how well put together everyone was; from dresses to shorts to minis, you name it. The chicks were on point!  We just love a party filled with nice looking, well dressed people.


Very easy to locate with parking everywhere. Once on the inside, the decor was beautiful.

This Party had vibes for days!!!!  Where do I begin? Let me start with the awesome cast of NY's finest DJs... oh Toronto was in the house as well ... big up to D'Bandit. Okay, back to New York! Back to Basics, Freaks for Soca, Natural Freaks and even DJ Starkid managed to have time to squeeze in and bless the dance. Just talking about it now, have me wining still, yes! We were supposed to only be passing through, but this fete was just too darn good ... we couldn't leave! We literally open and closed this party. I swear ... TJJ is the best!!!! LOL

Didn't really get to the food ... we were too busy wining (*ehem.. ah mean working**. Drinks however were flowing like water!

Service was swift n' sweet. We got greeted with smiles all around.

Advance tickets were $25 ... that's the standard price now-a-days. And the drinks were reasonable. So yeah, you got the bang for your buck.

Gameface, thanks again for the invite and your warm hospitality. See you guys at the next fete!

Text-A-Holic Juice

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>> View Rise 2010 'The Ultimate Day Fete Backyard Style' Gallery